How FulGaz Has Changed My Approach to Coaching Triathletes

How FulGaz Has Changed My Approach to Coaching Triathletes

Written by Rob Dallimore, founder of Foot Traffic Endurance Sport Coaching.

FulGaz has revolutionised the way I coach my athletes. The ability to incorporate structured training and group workouts into their training plans gives an unparalleled way to target key events for them.

Triathlon Coaching is becoming an increasingly dynamic space. Gone are the days of staring at the TV watching old race videos whilst following a training plan written on a piece of paper. With FulGaz we now have a groundbreaking tool to help an athlete successfully negotiate the challenge of training for triathlon, in particular IRONMAN events.

I find FulGaz to be indispensable for coaching my own athletes, and assisting the wider Foot Traffic community train for theirs. The effectiveness in visualising race courses and training on key aspects of the terrain mean we no longer need to go to an event on the other side of the world blind and without an understanding of what awaits. 

FulGaz stands out for its unparalleled realism in replicating race courses. Athletes training for events like the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona or Nice for example, can virtually ride these iconic courses, experiencing every twist, turn, and elevation change. This immersive experience allows athletes to familiarise themselves with the course intricacies, enabling better race-day strategy and mental preparedness.

With most of the IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 courses loaded you can train with confidence for almost any event around the world. One way of doing this is having an athlete ride key sections of a course and analysing the power and duration for that segment, then going away and structuring the training around it. Come race day the athlete is aware of what’s to come, and confident they have done the work to knock it off.

With the ability to connect a Core Body Temperature monitor directly to FulGaz we can accurately structure Heat Stress sessions, so an athlete is able to work at the optimal core temperature for them to optimise their adaptation.

Performance testing can also be performed through FulGaz by way of connecting a Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor and analysing the data to determine accurate power training zones. Both of these are things that previously could only be done in a laboratory setting, whereas now my athletes can do it at their own locations thanks to the integrations with FulGaz.

I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough, it’s been a game changer for my business.

Thanks – Rob

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