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FulGaz has become a game-changer for coaches around the world. It is the brainchild of a former elite coach and sports scientist and is used by top coaches from Olympic, Paralympic, and World Tour realms. These coaches rely on FulGaz to help their athletes secure National and World Time Trial Championships.

FulGaz includes tools to help you set up and run group rides and workouts quicker and more easily than anywhere else.

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“Creating meaningful and targeted sessions, applied to the same courses my athletes will be racing on, has been a game changer. I’ve seen athletes perform at key events with much more confidence, awareness of the course and safe in the knowledge that they have optimised their training, for races that their valuable time and financial investment have been committed to. Training indoors is no longer a soft option; it’s a smart, planned and targeted modality that takes our athletes to the peak of their performance.”
Rob Dallimore
Rob Dallimore
Foot Traffic Endurance Sport Coaching

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Your private, branded Training Hub in FulGaz  allows athletes to quickly and easily access your workouts and group rides with a single click. No more sharing workout files individually. 

Coach accounts are complimentary for your coaching business.

Sync Athlete Training Plans

Integrations with popular training platforms, like TriDot and TrainingPeaks, means your athletes can seamlessly sync their daily workouts with FulGaz and apply them to any of our rides. 

You can choose ERG or SIM mode for more advanced sessions, including TT pacing. Ride data is automatically pushed back to their training platform, so you’re always in the know.


You can easily create and schedule group rides and workouts with the click of a button. Athletes can also bring their own workout session to any group ride or ride section you create.

Turn group rides into performance tests or races by accessing our online leaderboards.


Live Chat

Whether you are holding a one-on-one session or a group ride. You can chat live to your athletes directly through our in-app chat functionality

create your own rideS

Our ride ‘section’ tool also allows you to trim down longer rides to focus your athletes on key sections, perfect for race day preparation.

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