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It’s never been easier for clubs to organise and schedule group rides, workouts, and races. All club content is private and custom for your members, conveniently displayed in your very own virtual clubroom, it’s the first thing they will see when they log onto FulGaz. Register your Club to get members riding together in FulGaz, simply click ‘Get Started’ below. 

“For Clubs and Squad Leaders, the functionality within FulGaz to create club activities is really easy to use and very powerful tool for member engagement. We have been creating group rides and training sessions on iconic IRONMAN courses replicating the actual course with real world vision and gradient changes, rather than other ‘gaming style’ platforms.'
Craig Needham, Team ZTO Captain
Craig Needham
Team VTO Captain / Australian Triathlon Accredited Coach

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Your private, branded Clubroom in FulGaz  allows members to quickly and easily access your workouts and group rides with a single click. 

Club admin accounts are complimentary and your members will receive an extended 30-Day free trial to get them started.

Private club Training

Instantly set up private group rides or workouts to bring your members together year-round. Your members will instantly see the rides you create in your clubroom

There are thousands of routes to choose from, so you’ll always be able to choose the best terrain for your members’ needs or help them recon upcoming race routes.

Live Chat

Keep the club banter going with our in-app chat functionality. No more messy Zoom links or third party platforms, you can now chat on group rides with anyone else on course with you.

Sync Training Plans

Integrations with popular training platforms, like TriDot and TrainingPeaks, means your members can seamlessly sync their daily workouts with FulGaz and apply them to any of our rides, including Club group rides.


create your own rideS

Our ride ‘section’ tool also allows you to trim down longer rides to focus your members on key sections, perfect for race day preparation.

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