About FulGaz

FulGaz is Australia’s leading virtual cycling app, we record real-world rides in stunning 4K resolution and transport them into your home via our app. 

Want to ride the infamous Alpe d’Huez but can’t fly to France? Or maybe you’d like to explore Ethiopia before jetting off to the Dandenongs in Australia. FulGaz has these experiences, training programs and virtual racing.

All of our rides are carefully filmed and tested to strict standards. This ensures you get a great experience every time.

Everything is filmed on bikes so you can jump in with real races and group rides, explore hidden places or take on some great gravel trails.

You can enjoy hundreds of FulGaz rides on your Tablet, TV or Windows PC. Our Apple TV app makes this even easier to set up. It also lets you enjoy our amazing new Ultra HD 4K content.

Whatever your choice of screen, we do all we can to make everything as easy to set up as possible.

 Download FulGaz

Apple TV

The ultimate FulGaz big screen experience. Works on 4th Generation Apple TV onwards.

Search for FulGaz on your Apple TV



Windows 10

Windows 10 brings FulGaz to your PC or Surface Tablet.



iPad and iPhone

FulGaz for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod Touch. either stand-alone or connected to a TV




Android Beta

The Android Beta is now available. compatible with Android 7.0 and up