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FulGaz is not just another indoor cycling experience, but a game-changer for coaches. FulGaz is the brainchild of a former elite coach and sports scientist, making it the go-to choice for the most realistic indoor cycling experience.

What sets FulGaz apart is its track record of trust among top coaches from the Olympic, Paralympic, and WorldTour realms. These coaches rely on FulGaz to help their athletes secure National and World Time Trial Championships, and for good reason.

We’ve taken indoor cycling to the next level. FulGaz offers a wide range of features tailored to our coaching needs, from Live Telemetry to Power Match. These tools are designed to empower you and your athletes to reach your goals.

To register your coaching business to be part of this industry leading program, simply click ‘Get Started’ below. Our team will be in touch, to walk you through your own virtual training hub, including setting up your very first group ride.

If you still have some questions about the program, simply schedule a demo call with our team or email and we would be happy to help.




“Today with FulGaz paired to a Smart Trainer we have the cycling world at our fingertips, following meaningful and targeted sessions, watching real world footage of a course we’ll be racing on many months later in the year. And with this I’ve seen athletes perform at key events with much more confidence, awareness of the course and safe in the knowledge that they have optimised their training for races that their valuable time and financial investment have been committed to.


When I look back to how we used to train I wonder how we ever did it. Training indoors is no longer a soft option; it’s a smart, planned and targeted modality that takes our athletes to the peak of their performance.”

Rob Dallimore (Foot Traffic Endurance Sport Coaching)

Coach Features

In-App Training Hub complete with your own branding

Seamless integration with training platforms such as TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan

Upload your own custom workouts

Real time analytics during group rides, view individual rider data

Real support from real people

30 day free extended trial for you and your athletes


Represent your brand

With your own private, branded Training Hub,  your athletes can easily access your workouts and ride with a single click, no more sharing workout files individually. You can easily schedule group rides and workouts with the click of a button.



Sync Athlete Training Plans

With Tridot, Trainingpeaks, Today’s Plan and Final Surge integrations, your athletes can sync their workouts with FulGaz in a couple of clicks to use with any ride.

You can choose ERG or SIM mode for more advanced sessions, including TT pacing. We’ll even sync their data to the platform, so you’re always in the know.


Perfect Pacing

Using Bernard, our virtual training partner, is the perfect way to improve athletes’ pacing and push them to the next level.

Just set Bernard to ride at a specific FTP or different power outputs based on the terrain. You can even configure his weight and CDA.



Live Chat & Telemetry

With the coach version of FulGaz, you can monitor individual athletes’ power and cadence while they train–whether you’re working with an individual or group of athletes at one time. Give them encouragement and feedback using our in-app chat functionality.


Private Group Training

Instantly set up private group rides to bring your athletes together year-round. Your athletes will instantly see the group rides you create using a once-only invite code.

There are a thousand routes to choose from, so you’ll always be able to choose the best terrain for your athletes’ needs or help your athletes’ recon iconic race routes. Turn group rides into performance tests or races by accessing our online leaderboards.