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FulGaz is the closest thing you’ll experience to riding outside. You’ll see crisp 4K video, but the real secret to FulGaz is how accurately we are able to reproduce how riding feels outside. 

Recording accurate terrain is only part of the story. The industry leading physics model in FulGaz ensures rides speed up and slow down, accurately in response to your effort. 

As you ride, FulGaz is modelling not just the terrain, but momentum, aerodynamic drag, and everything else that happens when you ride outside.

Real Roads Picture Mont Ventoux


Earn points for exploring countries, track all-time and monthly rankings. Earn badges for completing events and challenges.

Challenge yourself, climb the ranks, and make every ride an adventure.

events to keep you motivated

FulGaz’s annual calendar of virtual events means there is always a challenge to train for or participate in. From our Annual Grand Tour and special events, pro-athlete hosted rides,  weekly challenges and more, we have a cycling adventure ready for you, no matter where you call home.


FulGaz is designed to help you improve your cycling. Improve what matters to you, whether that’s endurance, increasing power, building speed, or preparing for specific races.

You can seamlessly import workouts from popular platforms such as TriDot and TrainingPeaks.

Gran Fondo preparation

Whether you’re preparing for a local cycling event or training for the Gran Fondo World Championships, FulGaz will set you up for success with our Gran Fondo course rides.

Complete your course recon, strategise and test your race plan. Put yourself one step ahead of the competition with FulGaz.

Gran Fondo Riders

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