This week’s set of rides come to us from Eric Baer who hails from Boulder, Colorado USA.

The 50-year-old is a man who loves to share his stunning section of the United States of America with the world. He does this in a number of ways including submitting rides to FulGaz and even hosts his own weather webcam you can check out!

He currently manages a patent research crowdsourcing platform a British translation and patent information company. 

What’s your favourite style of riding?

Road/gravel is my favorite riding.  Near Boulder we have a great mix of paved roads and gravel so many of my rides are a mix.  A couple of years ago I got a Trek Domane with more clearance for larger tires and more gearing options, that’s been a great all-around bike.   

What’s your top real-world ride?

My favourite real-world ride is probably the Left Hand/Lee hill loop north of Boulder but I love to be out on the bike just about anywhere.   

Favourite ride on FulGaz?

On FulGaz, my favorites are the new rides in 4k. The variety of unique and beautiful rides is so much better than other virtual rides or the old days of watching recorded Tour de France rides on tv. 

How did you get into filming rides for FulGaz

I was researching an idea to make virtual rides using Google street view and came across FulGaz. Mike had a really innovative app and I thought it would be fun to share some Colorado rides with the community. 

I started with my son’s GoPro and the quality of each new GoPro has really made huge gains.   I’ve made many mistakes recording rides and have many throw away takes, it’s disappointing when you’ve got a perfect day and something goes wrong with the recording. I love the rides and feel like they would be interesting to other virtual riders so I keep trying to get them right! 

Favourite cycling memory?

Not sure where to start with favorite cycling memories. Ragbrai (ride across the state of Iowa), moving to Colorado for cycling, Ride the Rockies, Alpe d’Huez and riding in France, the Oregon coast, California Death Ride, bike commuting in Eugene, Oregon and so many more great rides. You could say cycling is a big part of my life!