Adriaan Mostert is a 44-year-old rider hailing from Big Bay, which is part of the City of Cape Town in South Africa.

His collections include the ever-popular Cape Cycle Routes, Cape Town Cycle Classic and the iconic Table Mountain. 

He’s contributed some of the most popular routes to FulGaz, and his signature style is lovely blue skies, a steady hand and stunning South African scenery. 

Adriaan describes himself as “being well over the definition of a Clydesdale” and averaging about 1100km’s / month, he tends to put some wear and tear on his bicycles so things break rather quickly. So he’s opted for some custom wheels and a few bicycles to spread the load. 

For Adriaan cycling is about staying sane, staying healthy, enjoying the world outside an office and having fun while cycling. 

What’s your favourite ride to do in the real world?

Table Mountain or Knysna Forest are my favourite rides. Table Mountain is an epic climb of 400M+, and the iconic flat-top mountain looms tall over Cape Town. 

Knysna Forest is a stunning temperate rainforest where you can let your legs and your mind run free.

Favourite FulGaz ride & why?

I have no favourite – that is why I like FulGaz.  I can ride whatever I fancy, wherever I fancy on the day!

How did you start filming rides for FulGaz?

During the COVID19 pandemic and South Africa’s harsh hard lockdown, I missed being out on the road.  I then started using virtual trainers and once I got over the “virtual worlds” I found FulGaz.  

I quickly realised how I would love to cycle the routes I enjoy in Cape Town, and share these with other people from all over the world, and help them experience the beautiful memories of their rides in South Africa.

Once I saw that there were no South African rides, the deal was sealed – I got a GoPro and off we went. Plus filming also gave me some needed motivation for cycling during the winter of 2020!

Favourite cycling memory?

Honestly – recording the first virtual Cape Town Cycle Route in 2021. It was a perfect day, with perfect mates, recording a very special ride. We could ride where cyclists are only allowed once a year during the event.

Any other random facts you’d like to add?

I have too many bikes and too many headaches keeping them all serviced.  I love the FulGaz community and meeting new people out on the roads and, above all, just love to cycle and have fun. 

Favourite bike(s)

I enjoy all my bikes. But if I have to highlight some of them, I would say the Roubaix 2020 with head-shock 1.5 is a perfect all-rounder that I used on most rides. It does everything quite competently, and I am open to a Roubaix S-Works sponsorship! 

For racing my S-Works Tarmac SL6, aka “Nishiki”, is just pure joy – I love that bike!  

For indoors, the Wahoo Kicker Bike is just next level – it is simply an impressive and sublime piece of equipment. You rarely purchase something, and not only does it meet expectations, but it surpasses them.  Indoor training rides are real and fantastic, whether I am just riding, racing or doing structured workouts, and it certainly takes the indoor experience on FulGaz to the next level.

About Adriaan

You can find all the amazing rides contributed by Adriaan by searching “Mostert ” in the app or you can find his most recent collection via the link below.