Stefaan Counotte 🇧🇪

Hailing from Belgium, Stefaan Counotte shares one thing in common with all Belgians, a serious love of cycling. 

He captured his latest ride collection whilst on holiday at Mont Ventoux, a place he has been visiting for the last few years after he fell in love with the region. 

Now, with this collection, he can keep the holiday spirit alive when the mercury drops by riding his routes on FulGaz.

Not only is he pretty handy at capturing stunning FulGaz routes, but he is also a proud owner of a small ginger cat and dreams of riding an Eddy Merckx bike.

Here’s a little bit more about the 64-year-old. 

What’s your favourite ride to do in the real world?

Gorge de la Nesque, a stunning balcony road in Provence. 

Favourite FulGaz ride & why?

Caniballette for the memories as I have done this in real life also

How did you start filming rides for FulGaz?

A friend (Pironet Jos) started it and I also wanted to try it

Favourite cycling memory?

Lapierre GF Mont Ventoux

You can find all of Stefaan’s rides in FulGaz by searching Stefaan. He has a few routes on the longer side, so you can use the segment tool to trim them down to suit your indoor sessions.