The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Cycling Workouts

Unlocking Endurance: The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Cycling Workouts

Indoor cycling stands out as a cornerstone for building endurance, offering cyclists and triathletes a controlled environment to push their limits, refine their technique, and achieve remarkable fitness gains. Whether you’re prepping for a season of races, looking to elevate your overall fitness, or simply aiming to outlast the competition, our comprehensive workout library and structured training plans are your go-to resources for reaching your peak performance.

The Power of Our Workout Library

Our workout library is a treasure trove of cycling sessions designed to cater to every level of fitness and endurance goals. It’s not just about pedaling for hours on end; it’s about smart, targeted workouts that build strength, stamina, and resilience on the bike. From high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions that boost your VO2 max to tempo rides that improve your muscular endurance, our library offers a diverse range of workouts to keep your training challenging and effective.

4 and 8 Week Climbing Booster Plans

Elevation is the name of the game with our Climbing Booster Plans. Tailored for those looking to conquer hills and mountains, whether in the real world or in virtual races, these 4 and 8-week programs are meticulously crafted to enhance your climbing prowess. By focusing on sustained efforts, power output, and climbing technique, these plans will help you tackle ascents with confidence and ease. Each week, you’ll be guided through workouts that gradually increase in intensity, preparing your legs and lungs for the demands of steep gradients.

12 Week FTP Plans for Every Level

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is a crucial metric for any cyclist, indicative of the highest power one can sustain through an hour of effort. Improving your FTP means enhancing your ability to endure higher intensities for longer, a key factor in overall cycling performance. Our 12-week FTP programs are designed with this goal in mind, offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced training plans to suit your current level and push you to new heights.

  • Beginner Plans: Ideal for those new to structured training or looking to build a solid endurance foundation. This program focuses on gradually increasing ride lengths and incorporating interval work to improve sustainable power.
  • Intermediate Plans: For cyclists with a season or two of training under their belts, ready to take their performance up a notch. Expect more challenging intervals, increased volume, and workouts designed to refine your ability to maintain a high power output over longer durations.
  • Advanced/Keen Program: Tailored for seasoned riders aiming for peak performance. This plan includes high-intensity sessions, longer endurance rides, and specific workouts to maximize your FTP and endurance capabilities.

Maximizing Your Training

To make the most of these plans, consistency is key. Aim to follow the prescribed workouts as closely as possible, and listen to your body to avoid burnout or injury. Pair your training with adequate rest, nutrition, and hydration to support recovery and ensure you’re getting stronger, ride after ride.

Our workout library and structured training plans are more than just a collection of rides; they’re a roadmap to your endurance goals. With the 4 and 8 Week Climbing Booster Plans and the 12 Week FTP Plan, you’re equipped to elevate your endurance, power, and cycling performance to new levels. So gear up, log in, and let’s start the journey to building endurance that lasts.

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