Rick Norton: Gravel Grinder! 🇺🇸

A self-described “goofy oddball” Rick Norton took to cycling as a diversion during his college days. Over the years he’s come to enjoy it more and more.

The 53-year-old middle school Latin teacher has contributed a number of awesome rides to FulGaz and his most recent collection take it to over 30!

Rick made the plunge into sharing his riding style with the world after riding FulGaz for the first time in the winter of 2019 and decided to add some content to the app tat that reflected his preferred type of riding.

The style of riding he enjoys most, and captures in FulGaz and can be best summed as scenic roads off the beaten path, enjoying the adventure and scouting out of unknown roads way more than he should.

When asked what makes a good FulGaz he said “This has changed since I submitted my first rides of iconic race routes in our area. I think the simple answer is if you like a ride in real life – you’ll probably enjoy a video of that on a beautiful day.

My favourites are routes with very little traffic and lots of undulations in the terrain. I like being forced to switch gears a bunch on the trainer to keep me even more engaged. What I think I’m finding is that filming a variety of terrain and scenery allows me to almost always have choices that I REALLY want to check out on the trainer.”

Be sure to search “Norton” in the app to bring up a full list of Rick’s rides in the FulGaz app.