Every now and then we like to keep you on your toes and bring you an edition of Top Up Tuesday that features rides from all over the globe. 

Remember when mum would give you 50cents to get a bag of your favourite sweets from the Pick n Mix section of the market? Well, this week gives you a taste of Australia, the United States of America and Canada to satisfy your sweet tooth!

There’s something for everyone with an interesting mix of rides to keep you entertained. 

Hollywood Sign

Beginning in Griffith Park (L.A.) the climb goes up and over on the San Fernando Valley side of the Hollywood Hills to the L.A. side, then partially descending to finish with a far off view of the Hollywood sign. 
The road is closed to traffic since years ago it was torn up by construction trucks driving up to work on the Los Angeles Observatory – all funded personally by Leonard Nimoy. So thanks to Mr. Spock we have a very nice closed road for cyclists in the middle of the second-largest city in the U.S.


Clearwater to Wells Grey Park Boundary

Wells Gray Provincial Park is a large wilderness park located in east-central British Columbia, Canada. The park protects most of the southern, and highest, regions of the Cariboo Mountains and covers 5,250 square kilometres. 

The southern third of Wells Gray Park is traversed by the Clearwater Valley Road, although large areas are only accessible by trail. The dominant topography features volcanic plateaus, lava flows and deep canyons which are crowned by several peaks over 2,300 m (7,546 ft) high. 

The waterfalls, for which Wells Gray is famous, usually result from the interaction of volcanic eruptions and glacial activity. The best known is Helmcken Falls, the fourth highest waterfall in Canada, which plunges 141m (463 ft) over the edge of one of these volcanic plateaus.

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – The Canadian F1 GP Circuit

It’s a little known fact that a few of us at FulGaz HQ love Formula 1. It could be because our Founder Mike grew up with a circuit a stone’s throw from his house, or we could all just love the drama of a race whether it’s on two wheels or four.

We’ve got a few of the circuits from around the globe on the app, but this is a hot and slightly shortened lap around the home of the Canadian F1 GP. It’s only a 7-minute video, so ideal for a short sharp warm-up or cool down.

Chum Creek

It’s hard to believe that the area was ravaged by fires in 2009. The beauty of mother nature is on display and the re-growth of the area is magnificent to behold.

This stretch of road from Healesville up to Toolangi is a very scenic road. With the steady gradient, you can cruise up the hill and take in the scenery, or you can put it in high gear and try and go as fast as you can.

Casey Field HPV

Test yourself over four laps of this purpose-built racing circuit.

The circuit is often used as around in the Victorian HPV Grand Prix Series, and provides excellent training for HPV riders, with its slightly undulating terrain.  

The ride was filmed from a Trumptrikes TS4 chassis with a custom corflute body kit, total weight 35Kg.  For the best HPV realism, set the aerodynamic drag to 0.15 and bike weight to suit your own cart.

Watch out for the competitor HPV just after you start your final lap.