Clearwater to Wells Grey Park Boundary

British Columbia, Canada

Hilly - New

Wells Gray Provincial Park is a large wilderness park located in east-central British Columbia, Canada.[1] The park protects most of the southern, and highest, regions of the Cariboo Mountains and covers 5,250 square kilometres The southern third of Wells Gray Park is traversed by the Clearwater Valley Road, although large areas are accessible only by trail. The dominant topography features volcanic plateaus, lava flows and deep canyons which are crowned by several peaks over 2,300 m (7,546 ft) high. The waterfalls, for which Wells Gray is famous, usually result from the interaction of volcanic eruptions and glacial activity. The best known is Helmcken Falls, the fourth highest waterfall in Canada, which plunges 141 m (463 ft) over the edge of one of these volcanic plateaus.

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Duration 01:32:41
Distance 35.17kms
Elevation Gain 641m
Toughness 429