Hailing from Yorkshire originally, but now living in Melbourne Australia, 48-year-old is proud of his Yorkshire heritage, and each of his bikes features a Yorkshire rose on the head stem. 

He got into cycling around six or so years ago with his son, who he soon learned to draft behind rather than compete against!

But, here’s a little bit about Phil and how he goes into filming rides for FulGaz.  

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m originally from God’s own county (Yorkshire) but have been in Melbourne for the last 17 years and work in the Emergency Services and cycling helps me clear my head, an advocate for mental health and having a conversation about suicide prevention.

What’s your favourite ride to do in the real world

Probably the stretch between Safety Beach and Mt Martha on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne, on a sunny day there’s nothing like it. (It’s on FulGaz too!)

Favourite FulGaz ride & why?

Grinton Moor – UCI worlds 2019…. It finishes just past my Dad’s house in Leyburn, plus I can chase the time set by my brothers in real life.

How did you get into filming rides for FulGaz

I rode with David Harrison (a FulGaz contributor from Wales – no relation) a few years back when he was holidaying in Oz and we spoke about it then….also I was lucky enough to meet the FulGaz founder (Mike Clucas) at an event in Black Rock and when the opportunity to use a GoPro availed itself I thought it would be rude not to. 

This is my fifth winter riding with FulGaz and I enjoy seeing how it’s gone from strength to strength without losing its core values. No one-upmanship on the Fb group and awesome support.

Favourite cycling memory?

Rode with my Son, my two brothers and some close friends around the Yorkshire Dales 5 years ago taking in the same roads as The Grand Depart in 2014 – a magic day out. 

Any other random facts you’d like to add?

I bought a gravel bike earlier this year so I’m looking forward to filming some groad rides for FulGaz as soon as it warms up a bit!