For 39 nine year old husband and father of three Jimmy Brown came cycling via triathlon, with a strong background in swimming with his local club, Waterford Crystal.

Hailing from county Waterford in Ireland, the city was founded by the vikings in the 9th century in the South East of Ireland and where they make the world famous Waterford Crystal Glass.

In 2012 he took up triathlon, joining his local club, Waterford Tri, and competes across all distances, still racing to this day.

He’s a little but about the Irish athlete and his connection to cycling.

Favourite style of riding?

My favourite style of riding is road biking and time trialing. I like to head off and explore new areas and create new adventures. Time trialling keeps me honest. There is nothing like heading to a local tri club time trial and testing yourself against others. 

Cycling keeps me fit, I get a lot of fun out of it which makes me come back for more and more, I have made friends with a lot of people, I see different parts of my country that I wouldn’t normally see, plus getting fit and healthy at the same time is a bonus.

What’s your favourite ride to do in the real world

Thats a tough one. This depends on the time I have to ride first of all. If it’s a quick ride it would have to be Great Irish Escape. If it’s a long ride it has to be the Copper Coast Challenge. You can find both these rides on FulGaz. 

Favourite FulGaz ride & why?

My favourite FulGaz ride has to be Klaus Herrig’s Sella Ronda Clockwise ride. This ride has everything I like in a bike ride. Climbing and lots of it (2000m) with a nice distance of 60km. 

The scenery is amazing, out of this world and spectacular. You also get a sense of accomplishment knowing you have completed a very special ride. This is my go to ride. Highly recommended and hopefully someday I will get a chance to ride it in real life.


How did you get into filming rides for FulGaz 

I started filming rides for FulGaz because I thought it would be a great idea to have access to all my favourite rides in my local area for the winter time. 

In Ireland we get about six to seven months of bad weather, so all these rides will come in handy. I also checked on FulGaz to see how many Irish rides are on the app. There were only a couple so this is another reason to contribute more Irish rides. I also want to show the FulGaz community some great Irish cycling routes we have here. 

Favourite cycling memory

My favourite cycling memory was when I took part in a sportive in Ireland in June 2018 called Wicklow 200. It’s basically a 200km ride around the Wicklow Mountains with nearly 3000m climbing. They call this ride Ireland’s Premier Cycling Challenge. Maybe one day I will record it for the FulGaz community.

Any thing else you’d like to add? 

I must say down through the years in Triathlon, I never looked forward to the bike leg because I hated hills, hills and I didn’t match. I dreaded them. Since using FulGaz for a while now, I can honestly say I actually look forward to the bike leg.

FulGaz has made me a better bike climber hands down. There’s no question it’s the most realistic and closest to the road feel of any apps and I’ve tried them all. If you want to get stronger on the bike, stick with FulGaz. It worked for me. It will work for you.