At FulGaz HQ, we always throw around the idea of where we want to move to in the world, or where has the world’s best riding. Each and every time, Boulder, Colorado comes up and this series from Eric Baer does not disappoint. 

A unique set of three rides which showcases just a small percentage of the stunning scenery on offer in the region, if Boulder wasn’t already on the bucket list, it will be soon!

Boulder Roubaix

The Boulder Roubaix is a tribute to the European classic Paris Roubaix. Boulder Roubaix is held every other year and utilises a rolling course with a mix of gravel and pavement.
The route is a loop through farm and horse country north of Boulder.

Colorado National Monument

 Colorado National Monument is a point to point ride through high desert canyon lands. This route was used in the 1980’s Coors Classic road race and later featured in the movie American Flyers.

The ride features a solid climb up a red rock canyon with switchbacks and even a tunnel. Higher up the road is just feet from very high cliffs down into canyons. You should be able to get glimpses of the deep canyons next to the road. After a quick stop at the visitors centre, the road has a rapid descent to the park exit through two more tunnels and spectacular red rock canyon walls.

Creede Hwy-149

An easy training spin along the Rio Grande river in Southwest Colorado. The ride starts in a ranching valley, progresses through vacation homes and ends in the historic mining town of Creede, Colorado.

About this week’s contributor

This week’s set of rides come to us from Eric Baer who hails from Boulder, Colorado USA.

The 50-year-old is a man who loves to share his stunning section of the United States of America with the world. He does this in a number of ways including submitting rides to FulGaz and even hosts his own weather webcam you can check out!