The first guest to contributor corner is Mervyn Hiebert. He originally contacted FulGaz asking when real road feel would be available, but before long (and before we’d implemented real road feel) he’d headed off and started recording some of his favourite rides. You may have tried some of his rides from Canada, Las Vegas or Mallorca. He’s captured some amazing experiences in some incredible locations. What you haven’t seen (yet at the time of writing) are his new 4K rides from France and Canada.

You can check out his rides in FulGaz by searching for Mervyn.

Full name

Mervyn Hiebert

Where you live?

Lethbridge Alberta Canada

What you do when you’re not out riding?

Emergency Room Physician, hang out with my 3 kids, scuba dive, snowboard during the winter months

At what age did you start riding a bike?

As a little kid of course but didn’t ride at all again until about 6 years ago. A colleague got me interested in mountain biking and then I transitioned to the road about 3 years ago and have loved road cycling ever since

Your favourite FulGaz ride?

Ryder Hesjedal’s Tour de Victoria – the fact that I was able to successfully record an entire Fondo: 138 km at 5 hours was pretty special. Completing it on the trainer even more so!

Your favourite pro bike rider?

Ryder Hesjedal – Canadian legend!

Your favourite food?


Your favourite movie?

Changes from time to time – right now Ready Player One. Love the nerdy 80’s references.

What you enjoy most about filming FulGaz rides?

I enjoy seeing others ride my rides and post on Strava. It’s a great way to show my part of the world and my cycling experiences with people around the world that share my passion.

Any other random facts you’d like to add? 

The support of Mike and the team has been fantastic. FulGaz is a home grown app that presents the user with a big budget feel. I know there is so much hard work and dedication behind the scenes. The vision of Mike to create real world experiences on our trainers has been phenomenal – while many people can’t understand why someone would ride in their basement, often I am looking forward to the next FulGaz workout. Where else can I climb Arthur’s Seat and Tourmalet on the same day?