Bohlman Road

Bay Area, California, USA

Mountain - New

Brutal, oppressive, brutal, painful, savage, arduous, killer, murderous, blood-and-guts, formidable, backbreaking, grinding, fatiguing, unsparing, harsh, merciless, intense, exhausting, austere and even slavish! This is a really crank- twisting climb and will put your uphill determination to a severe test. It is no coincidence that the climb starts at the Saratoga's Madrona cemetery where many an exhausted cycling souls may have found a rest! The listed stats show a considerable average grade of 9%, but it is much worse than that because there's considerable flat section and even mild descent at the top. Steepest section compensates with best views of the valley.

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Duration 00:42:24
Distance 6.50kms
Elevation Gain 608m
Toughness 404