Standing shoulder to shoulder at the start line of an IRONMAN 70.3 or IRONMAN event demands grit, perseverance, and often, substantial sacrifice. For women, the journey can be even more demanding. But imagine being part of a sisterhood of kindred spirits, dedicated to lifting you up along every step of your journey. Led by a former IRONMAN World Champion turned coach – Michellie Jones, this community offers invaluable guidance and unwavering support.

Welcome to FulGaz Femmes, a vibrant community created by women, for women. Our mission is simple: to inspire, bolster, and unite female IRONMAN athletes across the globe.

Join us and tap into a wealth of resources crafted to prepare you for the challenges ahead, regardless of your geographical location. From exclusive content tailored to improve your race readiness, to immersive FulGaz group rides, weekly workouts, enriching webinars, and lively Facebook chats— we provide the platform for you to thrive, before, during and after race day.



The FulGaz team, alongside some special guests, will be delivering a series of CoachCast rides—a podcast on wheels, if you will—crafted to prepare you holistically for race day. Whether tailored to the nuances of your race course or delving into topics such as mindset, nutrition, and all that lies in between, these rides are carefully designed with one goal in mind: to propel you across that finish line.



Gain invaluable insights and guidance from none other than Michellie Jones, drawing from her wealth of experience as both an athlete and coach. Join her for group rides and weekly workouts where Michellie will share her wisdom, accompanied by live Zoom calls for you to engage directly and get answers to all your burning questions.

For those embarking on the World Championships, Michellie will deep dive into these courses, providing comprehensive insights to elevate your preparation to the next level, for the swim, bike and run!




Reigning IRONMAN Wales champion and ‘Queen’ of IRONMAN 70.3 Marbella, Nikki Bartlett has joined the team in 2024 to help support our FulGaz Femmes on their journey’s to the start line. Nikki will be running monthly group rides on different courses for you to join, along with sharing her training tips and experience as a pro. The exciting part? Nikki will be lining up alongside all of our FulGaz Femmes at the VinFast IRONMAN World Championships in Nice and the 70.3 World Championships in Taupo.




As we approach the highly anticipated VinFast IRONMAN World Championship in Nice, France, and the VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Taupo, New Zealand, we’re dedicated to supporting all our World Championship Qualifiers with tailored preparation.

Whether you’ve already secured your qualification or aspire to do so later this year, rest assured that the FulGaz Femmes team is here for you every step of the way.





For new users joining FulGaz, take advantage of an extended 30-day free trial. FulGaz is your gateway to exclusive content, group workouts, and rides alongside Coach Michellie and special guests.

With FulGaz, you gain access to over 2,000 rides from diverse locations worldwide, encompassing more than 100 Official IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 bike courses. Every ride is filmed on race day, providing you the opportunity to rehearse every inch of the bike course, from the comfort of your home.





Don’t miss out on the global camaraderie—join our Facebook group today! Connect with members from around the globe, share valuable tips, and offer each other encouragement as you embark on your IRONMAN journey.

Be sure to join the group to stay updated on our weekly events and rides. It’s the perfect way to dive into the fun and ensure you don’t miss a single moment of the action. See you there!




We’ll be on the ground at various events across the season supporting our FulGaz Femmes community members with some fun on-site events like breakfasts, shakeout runs, question and answer sessions and bike course tours planned for some events too!




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