Hailing from the UK, Brian Martin is a keen rider who loves to ride his home region, East Berkshire, both in real life and virtually. 

The retired 69 year old loves to ride the road, with his favourite UK ride the complete 100km circuit of the Isle of Wight, but abroad, he’s a massive fan  of the ride to Cap Formentor, in Mallorca Spain. 

At the moment, Brian is clocking around 100km a week on average on FulGaz, and in 2020 has already cycled 4,610km! 

Interestingly in Brian’s top FulGaz rides is also Cap Formentor, “the ride to Cap Formentor in mainland Europe reminds me of when I did it in reality, but Lochie McLochface in the UK – it’s so picturesque”. 

Right now for Brian, FulGaz is one of his main sources of fitness, but the retiree is more of a social rider. “I’m definitely a social rider and I ride mainly to stay fit, though I do like scenic routes. FulGaz has become very important to me recently as I had a bad tumble in early July and it has left me with a very slowly recovering left hand which means at present I cannot ride on real roads as I cannot grip the handlebars or brake effectively.”

Brian’s has filmed four great rides for us, you can check them out here. 

To find out more about Brian, you can follow him on Strava here.