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Improve your climbing strength, technique, and pacing in just four weeks while exploring some of the world’s best climbs.

Each session works on improving key parts of your climbing and uses a unique combination of ERG mode (where FulGaz automatically sets your watts for you), with realistic gradients and real-time instruction from Bernard, our virtual coach.

It’s a tough four weeks, so we don’t recommend this program if you’ve only just started training. However, if you’re already reasonably fit and you’re looking to give your climbing a much-needed boost, commit to the program and you’ll be surprised how much you can improve.

There are four sessions per week to complete with one long ride to keep you on your toes. The long ride can be done either inside or outside!


On some of the rides, we train you to ride at set intensities for the first part of the sessions, then challenge you to reach the summit using your own pacing and gear selection. The result of this is you learn how to pace yourself well on challenging stretches of road.

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Because the workouts are based on real roads, not only can you enjoy the beauty of some of the worlds best climbs, we can also use them to develop your fitness and pacing in unique ways. For some of the shorter efforts, we switch from the traditional ERG mode used in most structured workouts, to SIM mode for the hard effort. This allows you to push harder or back off a bit depending on how you’re feeling on the say, and prevents the trainer from locking up under the sudden load.


Watch out for Bernard, our virtual coach. He’ll be giving you his own unique brand of encouragement as you work your way through the sessions. He won’t hold back if he thinks you’re not putting in! You can adjust how he speaks to you in the full sessions screens.


We’ve included a long ride each week. Two and a half hours on a trainer can be a big challenge, so these sessions don’t need to be done indoors, you could head outdoors instead. Just remember the golden rule for these rides. If you feel good, go longer, not harder.


If you’re planning to use this program to get you in shape for a big event, time the program to finish a week before the big day. This will then give your body enough time to adapt to the increased training load you “enjoyed” during the program.