CoachCast on Indoor Fuelling and Hydration

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In this episode, join FulGaz’s Bec in conversation with Chris Harris, Senior Sports Scientist at Precision Fuel and Hydration. Dive into the crucial aspects of fueling and hydrating your body, especially during indoor rides. Gain insights not only for your ride but also for pre and post-ride rituals.

If you’re gearing up for a real or virtual event, Precision Fuel and Hydration offers a complimentary personalized fuel and hydration plan. Explore it here.

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Note: This ride is locked in STEADY mode, so you can enjoy this 'must-do' ride and optimise your indoor riding! Join Bec from FulGaz as she chats to Chris Harris from Precision Fuel and Hydration on all things exactly that! The pair will deep dive into the importance of fuelling and hydrating your body appropriately, specifically when it comes to indoor riding, not only during a ride but pre and post your ride as well.

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Precision Fuel & Hydration launched in 2011 after years working with elite athletes and technology partners to develop a simple and effective way to help athletes understand and manage their individual hydration needs.

Their Founder, Andy Blow, has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and was a regular podium finisher in elite short course triathlon racing in his younger days.

But he had some very poor results when racing in the heat and at longer IRONMAN distances. He suffered badly from cramping and had other hydration related issues including hyponatremia (low blood sodium levels, which can have some nasty consequences). This was despite following the widely accepted hydration advice available at the time.