Rob Constable – Conquering the IRONMAN Virtual Series

My View – The IRONMAN Virtual Series, powered by FulGaz

As the winter months rolled in, finding motivation to train can often be a struggle. The UK rain, wind and bitter coldness often make you want to curl up until it warms up. However, this year was different with the launch of FulGaz Ironman Virtual Series. Throughout the series, I tackled 12 stages, each ranging between 30-50km. The variety was a perfect fit for all riders from undulating hills to flat, fast courses, each stage brought its own unique challenge.

One of the highlights of the series was the diversity of courses, simulating some of the most iconic Ironman races around the world. I virtually pedalled through the landscapes of Ironman Wales, felt the challenge of Ironman Thun, breezed through the beauty of Ironman Nice, endured the tropical conditions of Ironman Cairns, and even experienced the legendary course of Kona. It was like a tour of the Ironman world from my own home.

The series was not just a test of endurance but also a fantastic opportunity for winter training. On average, each stage demanded solid hours of effort, which significantly contributed to an increase in my sustained power. It’s one thing to train hard, but it’s another to see tangible improvements, and this series delivered just that.

Among the many joys of participating in the Ironman Virtual Series was the opportunity to ride alongside friends and fellow athletes from all corners of the globe. Each session wasn’t just a workout; it was a chance to connect, share stories, and draw inspiration from one another. I had the pleasure of hearing from those training for their very first Ironman, each stride filled with determination and excitement. Others joined the series as a means to motivate themselves, push their boundaries and improve, not just as athletes but in their personal lives as well. Our conversations often veered into lively debates about which virtual route we loved best, comparing the scenic beauty and challenges of each course. These interactions, filled with encouragement and camaraderie, transformed every ride into an experience far richer than just the physical act of cycling.

The best part was receiving my finishers medal a few weeks later in the mail, thanks FulGaz!

Til next time,