Q&A with Nikki Bartlett

FulGaz Q&A with Nikki Bartlett


We caught up with Nikki Bartlett hot off her Spain training camp to find out why FulGaz is her indoor training app of choice. In this Q&A, Nikki shares her experiences with FulGaz, from how she first got hooked to how it’s become a key part of her training routine. Join us as we dive into Nikki’s world of indoor cycling and see how FulGaz is helping her gear up for her next big race.


FulGaz: What initially drew you to FulGaz over other indoor cycling apps?


Nikki: Riding on the FulGaz platform for the first time converted me straight away. The real world feeling to riding is a game changer on the platform. Being able to select courses which I’m going to race on makes it motivating and more purposeful riding. The 2,000+ other courses on offer allows variety from IRONMAN courses to other courses such as Alpe d’Huez. You really do get the real feel of the gradient, views, and course feel. I’m currently practicing on the IRONMAN World Championships course in Nice so I will know every corner, incline, and descent come race day. I also love how you can create your own sections of the course. For instance, practicing a specific 50k section of the IRONMAN course.


FulGaz: How has FulGaz become a part of your regular training regimen?


Nikki: FulGaz is now integrated into my training program to prepare for specific courses I’m racing on, and gaining strength on the hills. I already feel like I’m getting familiar with the courses I’m targeting to ensure I can be best prepared come race day. I also do bike sessions which are set up on Training Peaks, which you can upload onto the app. It’s also so easy to set up. I’m a complete technophobe and I’ve managed to set it up and upload sessions from Training Peaks onto the course. I will also be hosting Q&A group rides each month for a social element to riding indoors too.


FulGaz: Can you describe how the realism in FulGaz’s video routes has impacted your training experience?


Nikki: The accuracy of the terrain/inclines and views blew my mind. Honestly, Paul from FulGaz said once you’ve tried the app you’ll be hooked. And it was so true. I’ve also ridden on multiple courses which I have loved so much I now want to target those races. Like IRONMAN Switzerland.


FulGaz: Have you compared the in-app FulGaz experience against the IRONMAN bike courses you have raced on? If so, which courses and how similar was it?


Nikki: I love going on the IRONMAN Wales course and IRONMAN Marbella 70.3 course. It brings back happy memories. I’m even on the Marbella 70.3 one, from my win in 2022. A lot of the courses are filmed on the day of the race, so you can see where all of the aid stations are set up. So, I can see where to take on fluid visually before descents come up, etc.


FulGaz: How do you integrate FulGaz sessions into your overall training plan, especially when preparing for an IRONMAN event?


Nikki: I will be doing course familiarisation and an inside look into the courses I’m racing on. Then specifically create sessions to stimulate how I will race on the course. Hopefully giving me a competitive advantage against the other athletes racing.


FulGaz: In what ways has FulGaz been particularly beneficial for your training, both physically and mentally?


Nikki: I’m a wimp in the cold, and for the last year, my motivation for the turbo has declined rapidly. I kept finding it really hard to push the same wattage and momentum of feel compared to riding outside. But this winter I’ve bought a watt bike, and had full access to the FulGaz platform and it’s honestly revolutionised my indoor riding. I actually look forward to it, and feel like its the same watts as outside riding and real feel.


FulGaz: FulGaz offers a feature to ride against others’ times and virtual races and group rides. How important is the community aspect of FulGaz to you, and do you participate in any virtual races or challenges?


Nikki: I love the community feel. I’ve really enjoyed our group rides so far and love the element of being able to do Q&A whilst riding. And visually seeing the comments, questions, and answers. In terms of races, I will definitely be using some of these as training sessions. You get that extra buzz and motivation when you’re around others.


FulGaz: Do/will you use FulGaz to simulate race courses you’re preparing for? If so, how effective do you find this for your pre-race strategy and familiarity with the course?


Nikki: It’s a great opportunity to learn the course you’re racing on. Getting a real view of the roads, surroundings, hills, descents, where the on-course nutrition is. Sections you might push harder on, sections you might use for a bit of recovery, etc. It’s super easy to set up, offers 1500+ different courses. You can even get super techy and add in your CdA, weight, etc., to see how long courses/specific climbs within the race will take you. I truly believe once you try it out, you’ll be hooked and look forward to riding indoors on the app. There’s so much variety, I’m looking forward to taking on Alpe d’Huez next week.


FulGaz: Are there any specific workouts or routes on FulGaz that you would recommend?


Nikki: IRONMAN Wales and IRONMAN Switzerland. You can cut the courses down to do a specific section of the course too. The FulGaz platform is a no-brainer to revolutionize indoor training. Allowing better preparation for races around the world (40 countries!), so when you arrive at the race venue you’ll feel prepared for the bike course.