Meet Rob Constable

Meet Rob Constable – A Man On A Mission

Rob Constable, a seasoned triathlete hailing from Somerset, UK, has immersed himself in the world of triathlon for over 31 years. His journey began about a decade ago with a notable achievement: securing 3rd place in his age group at Challenge Weymouth, a full-distance event later integrated into the Ironman series. This triumph at the ITU World Championships marked the genesis of a lifelong passion for Ironman and ultra-endurance sports.

By day, Robert delves into the realm of R&D systems at Mars, where he holds the position of European technical lead. This role involves spearheading software projects to elevate the company’s development within the industry. However, his evenings are dedicated to pursuits far removed from office desks.

Beyond the realm of triathlon, Robert channels his creativity into writing, crafting fantasy novels such as “The Forgotten” and “Echoes of Divinity” during his free time. Writing serves not only as a hobby but also as a tool for documenting his experiences, events, and training journey. It provides a means for Robert to remain accountable to his training plans and aspirations.

What Drives Him

Robert finds his primary motivation in the connections forged through sports. Engaging with fellow riders, leading group events, and sharing experiences fuel his passion. The opportunity to learn from others and, in turn, assist them in achieving their goals is immensely gratifying. This sentiment rings particularly true since Robert found a sense of belonging with ZTO, a multi-platform virtual cycling group led by notable figures like Captain Craig Needham.

On a more personal note, Robert is driven by the challenge of refining his race strategy, especially concerning nutrition. Overcoming past struggles with eating disorders, which he openly discusses, Robert has found managing nutrition during extended races and training sessions to be a puzzle he continues to solve. His recent virtual rides on FulGaz, particularly on courses like Cairns, have allowed him to familiarize himself with every detail—from meal planning to aid station locations. Coupled with a recent Supersapiens acquisition, Robert is confident that these tools will finally help him overcome this challenge.

Linked to his desire for connection is Robert’s aspiration to challenge and redefine perceived limits. He firmly believes that everyone possesses the potential to surpass their boundaries. Guiding and inspiring others to discover this path, to push beyond their perceived limits, brings Robert immense joy. His dedication to reviewing training performance, metrics, and areas of improvement is a testament to his commitment to collective growth and success.

Training Insights

For Robert, the support of a community is integral to achieving gains in cycling. Once his weakest discipline, cycling gained new meaning when he discovered the community of ZTO, winners of the FulGaz IRONMAN Oceania challenge last year. This Australian triathlon group has become a source of friendships spanning thousands of miles, where shared experiences and interests have deepened Robert’s love for cycling. Officially joining the group, Robert now proudly serves as one of the ride leaders and is embraced as a member of Triathlon Australia’s Tri membership.

Further embracing the virtual world, Robert’s cycling experiences took a new turn following a cycling accident in February 2023. This incident led him to forego road cycling in favour of virtual rides, which elevated his experiences and performance to new heights. Participating in the IRONMAN Virtual Series on FulGaz (where he finished 3rd overall!), Robert incorporated these sessions into his training regimen, resulting in a significant increase in his power output—from 309 watts to 320 watts on the same course. Excited by the addition of Grand Tour and KOMs on the platform, Robert sees these features as opportunities to engage in more specific training and embrace his competitive spirit while interacting with familiar faces.

Key Achievements

Robert takes pride in his accomplishments as a cyclist and triathlete. Here are some notable highlights:
– Completion of Ironman Wales in 2017 and 2023, along with numerous participations in Ironman Weymouth due to its proximity.
– 3rd place in his category at the Challenge Weymouth ITU World Championships.
– Multiple 2nd and 3rd place finishes in 50-mile ultras, including a memorable race in “The New Forest” during a blizzard, securing 2nd place with a time of 7 hours 59 minutes.

Looking Ahead to Cairns

Choosing to participate in Ironman Cairns, all the way from the UK, is a decision fueled by a blend of personal goals and a profound connection to Robert’s virtual training journey. Cairns isn’t just the location of one of the world’s most picturesque races—it’s where Robert’s virtual cycling adventures began. Hours spent riding with friends and countless sessions on FulGaz have familiarised Robert with every twist and turn of the course. The course’s flat and fast nature adds to the allure.

A deeply personal goal drives Robert: breaking the sub-10-hour mark. His cycling has seen significant improvement, and he feels on track with this discipline. Now, the focus shifts to nailing down his nutrition plan—the fourth discipline. While nutrition has posed challenges in the past, Robert is more determined than ever to get it right. Mastering his nutrition strategy is the final piece of the puzzle in achieving this long-standing goal.

For Robert, racing in Ironman Cairns signifies more than just another event. It represents the culmination of his virtual training, a convergence of his global cycling community, and a personal test of endurance and strategy. It’s about translating hours of virtual preparation into real-world success and pushing himself beyond previous achievements.

Follow Rob

Join Rob as we follow him on his during training for Cairns Airport IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championships Cairns from the UK, thanks to FulGaz and how this helps him to line up come race day on the 16th June this year.

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