The team at FulGaz are excited to introduce our HARDEST, most SPECTACULAR challenge to date, the FulGaz World Series. 

 Featuring 12 handpicked stages, we’ve curated a unique riding experience, designed to showcase the very best rides FulGaz has to offer. 

In celebration of FulGaz joining the IRONMAN family, this is a free event for all FulGaz subscribers – you can join the Tour at any time, just make sure you complete all stages within the cutoff. 

 The Series takes you to 11 different countries, where you’ll be challenged to complete 305.75km (190 miles) and over 7647 metres (25,088ft) of climbing. It’s tough, but we promise that the scenery will make it all worthwhile. 

You’ll have until Sunday 12 December to conquer the route and you can track your progress via the leaderboard link below. 


Coast to Coast

This journey in the saddle begins just outside the small village of Betty’s Bay, a small coastal holiday town situated in the Overberg region of South Africa. It is located 100 km from Cape Town beneath the steep Koegelberg Mountain ranges. This scenic ocean ride from Betty’s Bay to Gordons Bay is breathtaking, offering a variety of beaches, mountain ranges and sublime summer playground. This is a road not often travelled and truly one of our best kept secrets.



Ride the really beautiful climb to the Wildkogel. About 1300m of climbing with an extraordinary finish at 2100m above sea level with a special loop around the small lake and a view at the prominent summit of the “Großer Rettenstein” mountain. In winter time one can do this ride in reverse – the longest nighttime floodlit toboggan run of the world!


Prebolt Cottage

This tour is circular, a gentle 4km climb gives way to a slightly 6km steeper climb, at the top you’ll be rewarded with a very nice view of the Zasavska valley. To cool down, you’ll get a lovely descent to the finish.


Passo dello Stelvio

With its 48 hairpins and an average gradient of 7.4% over a relentless 24.3Km of climbing, this is the most famous – and the most difficult – of the three routes to the summit at 2758 metres/9050 feet.


Brugge Oostende

A stunning ride from Brugge to the Belgian coast at Oostende is a relatively flat ride and perfect if you’re looking for something gentle to turn the legs over. 


Mont Ventoux from Sault

Climb the fearsome Mont Ventoux, with its bleak desert-like landscapes dominating the final 6kms. The first 20Kms to Chalet Reynard are relatively easy, rarely exceeding 6%. Here the route merges with the climb from Bédoin, and climbing gets a lot tougher with several sections at around 11%; your body is fighting against the thinning air as you approach the summit at 1,900m.


Box Hill (OC-14) and Ranmore Common

The hill takes its name from the ancient box woodland found on the steepest west-facing chalk slopes overlooking the River Mole. Box Hill featured prominently on the route of the 2012 Summer Olympics cycling road race events, the men doing nine circuits and the women doing two circuits.


Mt Fuji Road Race Loop

This loop contains the toughest climb in the Tokyo Road Race. On race day it will be very hot, but when we filmed it there was thick snow and frost on the tops of the climbs. This cold but clear weather produced some incredible views of Mount Fuji. Enjoy!


Zion National Park West Tunnel

Gaze up at massive sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, and red that soar into a brilliant blue sky as you climb 750ft of elevation over 3.5 miles to the entrance of the mile-long Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel. The tunnel is closed to pedestrians and bikes, but the scenery on the two approaches to the tunnel are stunning. The tunnel is our turn around point and you get to enjoy the fast descent back to your starting point.


Sausalito and Marin Headlands

Warm up through Sausalito, then hit some of the best training roads you’ll find anywhere.


The Incline Strikes Back

This ride over a series of sweeping, rolling dunes is from Liwa to Moreb dune in the Rub’ Al Khali (Empty Quarter) in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It is close to the area where the opening scenes for the Force Awakens were filmed on Planet Jakku. Keep a look out for R2-D2 hiding behind one of the dunes.


Exploring Uluru

Our first ever ride from the Northern Territory, a mostly flat 16km route gives you a stunning sunrise view of Uluru. Uluru is a sacred site to the Anangu of Central Australia, the indigenous peoples of the Western Desert, who still perform traditional ceremonies and pass down the knowledge and stories of their ancestors.


New to FulGaz? Here's the quick start guide.

1. Download FulGaz and set up a free account
In celebration of the World Series, we’re offering new subscribers a 30-day free trial, no credit card required.

Downloading the trial gives you full access to FulGaz with no restrictions on content, or how often or how far you ride. If you’re returning to FulGaz for another go, send us a support ticket and we’ll hook you up with another trial on the house.

2. Connect your devices
When you load up FulGaz and hit Get Started, you’ll be greeted with a pairing screen. Here your smart bike/trainer/speed sensor will be picked up and listed. Select the devices you’d like to connect and click Let’s Ride.

Pro Tip If you can’t see your devices when trying to connect, they are most likely paired with another app (RGT, Rouvy, Zwift). You will need to deselect your trainer from that app’s pairing screen, quit that app, and restart FulGaz.

3. Set your preferences, weight and slope scaling
Click the settings icon to take a moment to set your display preference (metric or imperial). For the most realistic experience, enter your weight and bike weight. There are many other settings here also; it’s best to get a feel for riding FulGaz first before adjusting these. Start at around 60% uphill to get the feel. You can adjust this in ride also.

Pro Tip If you find the hills too hard, you can adjust the Slope Scaling, this is essentially the “trainer difficulty”. Adjusting this won’t make you faster, but it will make hills easier!

4. Download a video and ride
We always suggest downloading the video ahead of time. For any event you must download the video.  Before the event, test your set up with something from the Easy collection. These rides will give you a good “feel” for how FulGaz looks and interacts with your trainer or smart bike.

5. Get event-ready
Before you start your event, make sure you turn up at the start line ready.

Here’s a quick checklist

      • Download the ride ahead of time
      • If joining us on Zoom, download the app and run it on a different device.
      • Stay hydrated – have at least two bottles of water available
      • Have a towel and fan to help you cool down.

What equipment do I need?

To participate in this event from the comfort of your own home you will need some cycling equipment.

PRO Set-Up

  • Road Bike
  • Smart Trainer (e.g Elite Suito,Wahoo Kickr) or a smart bike.


Basic Set-up

  • Road Bike
  • Standard Trainer (Check out some options here)
  • Speed Sensor if using Standard trainer.

Connection equipment

FulGaz works on Apple TV, MacOS or an iPhone or iPad as well as Windows and Android devices. To get started you will need to download the app onto your respective device. For an amazing viewing (and riding) experience we highly recommend using an Apple TV connected to your lounge room TV or monitor.

Please note rides in ‘event mode’ will force you to download the ride prior to starting. This ensures an uninterrupted riding experience so make sure you download each stage well ahead of time to avoid delays.

Do I have to ride these in order?

You can ride these routes in any order you like, just make sure you finish before midnight 12 December 2021.

When are these rides available?

These rides are available to download the week of the event from their dedicated ride channel. We’ll send out an email to reminder closer to the date.

You MUST download the route in advance.

  •  🇬🇧  7am (GMT) Saturday 20 November
  •  🇪🇺  8am (CET) Saturday 20 November
  •  🇿🇦  9am (SAST) Saturday 20 November
  • 🇺🇸  2am (EST) Saturday 20 November
  • 🇺🇸  11pm (PDT) Friday 19 November
  • 🇦🇺  6pm AEDT Saturday 20 November

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