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The virtual Haute Route Ventoux Challenge is your chance to test yourself against cycling’s most iconic mountain, Mont Ventoux. A course carved from the history books, you’ll explore all three sides of the legendary “Giant of Provence”.

​​The moonscape summit has featured in the Tour de France no less than 15 times since 1951, earning its place on the bucket list of every serious cyclist. This is no ordinary mountain and we’ll pay homage to this giant of cycling history, with a course for the ages.

Haute Route Ventoux is one of the flagship events of the Haute Route Series since 2017. As this fantastic event is not part of the Haute Route 2022 calendar, we took the opportunity to make you (re)discover the Mont Ventoux in a totally different way… virtually!

Challenge yourself again and again to achieve the best time if you already know what you are capable of on this climb, or discover for the first time what it feels like to climb this iconic mountain.

This is a free event and all new FulGaz subscribers who register for the challenge will receive an extended free trial which will end on Sunday 20th March. Giving you unprecedented access to not only 2022’s ‘must-do’ virtual cycling event, but access to a custom built pre-event 8 week training program designed by the pro’s. DOWNLOAD TRAINING PROGRAM.

Register for free via the form below to receive your extended free trial code and rider manual with everything you need to know.


Course Stages

1. Mont Ventoux from Sault

Although this is the easier side of Mont Ventoux, it is also the longest so make sure you pace your effort to the top.

The first 18Kms to Chalet Reynard are relatively easy, rarely exceeding 6%. Here the route merges with the climb from Bédoin, and climbing gets a lot tougher with several sections at around 11%; your body is fighting against the thinning air as you approach the summit at 1,900m.


2. Mont Ventoux from Malaucène

Make sure you are fuelled-up before you set off from Malaucène, as you prepare for the 21km-long ascent ahead.

With an average gradient of 7.5%, don’t be fooled into going too hard too early as at around the halfway point, the road kicks up to 11% for three kilometres. There is nowhere to hide on this straight section of road but grind through and look forward to upcoming relief, with the road flattening out to four percent for the following few kilometres.

In true Mont Ventoux style, the final kilometres ramp up again, sticking above eight percent to test you on this famous climb that has pushed many Tour de France legends to their limit.


3. Mont Ventoux from Bedoin

The aim of the game is to go as hard as you can for this classic time trial.

With a rolling start out of Bedoin, the first six kilometres should get your legs ready for the section ahead. After the hairpin bend at Saint-Estève, the average gradient kicks up to above 10% and refuses to ease up for the next five kilometres.

Whilst the road does ease off slightly towards Chalet Reynard, the Giant of Provence is not done with you yet, throwing up a tough six-kilometre section all the way to the summit finish.

High metres


To help you conquer Ventoux we have some great prizes on offer for not only our podium finishers for Men and Women, but also spot prizes up for grabs for anyone who completes all three ascents successfully.

Male/Female Podium Winners

1st – 3-Day Haute Route Event Free Entry (excludes travel expenses) – For more information on Haute Route (real life) events click here

2nd – 1 pair of Bollé Phantom Sunglasses

3rd – Annual Subscription to FulGaz valued at $108.99 USD

PLUS 15 lucky riders who conquer all three ascents and record a valid time on our GC leaderboard will win an annual subscription to FulGaz, valued at $108.99

Our proud sponsors Bollé, are also offering 25% off all Bollé Products to all Haute Route Ventoux Virtual Challenge riders too! Keep an eye on your post ride emails for details on claiming this discount.

Get training and get ready!


About Haute Route

Featuring challenging 3-, 5- and 7-day events in iconic cycling destinations worldwide, the Haute Route provides the opportunity to ride unique routes and legendary climbs in a peloton of passionate cyclists, just like you. Whatever your ranking is and whoever you’re riding with, you’ll find a supportive and positive atmosphere to help you reach new heights.

Whether you’re discovering the Haute Route for the first time, challenging yourself again on the same course or exploring a new destination with us, our team of professionals has you covered with a range of premium services before, during and after the events. Haute Route services make the difference and allow you to aim for great challenges.

Fore more information visit https://www.hauteroute.org/

New to FulGaz? Here's the quick start guide.

1. Download FulGaz and set up a free account. To activate your extended trial, simply enter the promo code found in your registration email.

Downloading the trial gives you full access to FulGaz with no restrictions on content, or how often or how far you ride. If you’re returning to FulGaz for another go, send us a support ticket and we’ll hook you up with another trial on the house.

2. Connect your devices
When you load up FulGaz and hit Get Started, you’ll be greeted with a pairing screen. Here your smart bike/trainer/speed sensor will be picked up and listed. Select the devices you’d like to connect and click Let’s Ride.

Pro Tip If you can’t see your devices when trying to connect, they are most likely paired with another app (RGT, Rouvy, Zwift). You will need to deselect your trainer from that app’s pairing screen, quit that app, and restart FulGaz.

3. Set your preferences, weight and slope scaling
Click the settings icon to take a moment to set your display preference (metric or imperial). For the most realistic experience, enter your weight and bike weight. There are many other settings here also; it’s best to get a feel for riding FulGaz first before adjusting these. Start at around 60% uphill to get the feel. You can adjust this in ride also.

For the event itself, you won’t be able to adjust your bike weight. Only rider weight so please keep that in mind.

Pro Tip If you find the hills too hard, you can adjust the Slope Scaling, this is essentially the “trainer difficulty”. Adjusting this won’t make you faster, but it will make hills easier!

4. Download a video and ride
We always suggest downloading the video ahead of time. For any event you must download the video.  Before the event, test your set up with something from the Easy collection. These rides will give you a good “feel” for how FulGaz looks and interacts with your trainer or smart bike.

5. Get event-ready
Before you start your event, make sure you turn up at the start line ready.

Here’s a quick checklist

      • Download the ride ahead of time
      • If joining us on Zoom for social rides, download the app and run it on a different device.
      • Stay hydrated – have at least two bottles of water available
      • Have a towel and fan to help you cool down.
What equipment do I need?

To participate in this event from the comfort of your own home you will need some cycling equipment.

PRO Set-Up

  • Road Bike
  • Smart Trainer (e.g Elite Suito,Wahoo Kickr) or a smart bike.


Basic Set-up

  • Road Bike
  • Standard Trainer (Check out some options here)
  • Speed Sensor if using Standard trainer.

Connection equipment

FulGaz works on Apple TV, MacOS or an iPhone or iPad as well as Windows and Android devices. To get started you will need to download the app onto your respective device. For an amazing viewing (and riding) experience we highly recommend using an Apple TV connected to your lounge room TV or monitor.

Please note rides in ‘event mode’ will force you to download the ride prior to starting. This ensures an uninterrupted riding experience so make sure you download each stage well ahead of time to avoid delays.

To find out more about the minimum specs required for your device, click here. 

Do I have to ride these in order?

You can ride these routes in any order you like, just make sure you finish before the cut offs.

You can ride the routes multiple times but remember FulGaz will only record your most recent attempt on the leaderboard.

When are these rides available?

All three routes will be available to download in February and you can ride them once they open in your timezone. Exact start times will be announced shortly.

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