Getting started with FulGaz

1. Download FulGaz for free

FulGaz works on Apple TV or an iPhone or iPad. Windows and Android Beta versions are due for release very soon, so don’t miss out, get on the beta list now.

2. Connect your devices

FulGaz connects via Bluetooth on all platforms so there’s no need for dongles and adaptors. The iPad and iPhone versions also supports ANT+ if that’s how you ride.

3. Tweak FulGaz to suit you

FulGaz will feel exactly the same as riding outdoors if it’s set up correctly. Take a moment to set up your weight and trainer settings. Your legs will thank you.

4. Ride wherever you want

You can choose from hundreds rides in the FulGaz catalogue, there are no limitations during your trial. Once you subscribe we’ll send you new rides to try each week