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FulGaz workouts | FulGaz

Outdoor training… indoors

FulGaz isn’t just a way to pass the time watching videos while you ride, it’s a powerful training tool too.

Tested by the World’s best

FulGaz has already played a key role in some outstanding performances, including Rohan Dennis winning the 2019 World time Trial Championships. Rohan’s incredibly well paced ride and ability to somehow know every corner intimately was helped by a long term collaboration between FulGaz and the Australian Cycling Team.

Realism - The FulGaz difference

In FulGaz, you’ll find a set of training tools focussed on helping you become a better bike rider. You won’t just be blindly following a bar chart, or doing a session that has nothing to do with what’s going on around you, you’ll be fully immersed in the session and learning key skills as well as getting fitter.

This didn’t happen overnight, it took extensive research and development. When we looked at adding training functionality in FulGaz we asked ourselves “how do successful riders train outdoors?” We sat down with some of the World’s top coaches and riders to find out how they prepare for big events, and since they do most of their training outdoors, how do they do their best training sessions out on the road?

One thing we’re not short of in FulGaz is roads, and it soon became apparent that we could create great training sessions on real terrain, replicating training principals used by the best in the business. If you’re a top pro, you’ll often have your coach following you in a car or a motorbike. We needed a way to replicate that level of instruction, feedback and motivation, so we created Bernard.

Introducing Bernard, your virtual coach

You’ll see and hear Bernard in all out training program rides. He knows how many watts you should be producing, what cadence you should be riding at, and the terrain you’re riding on. Just like a real coach, he points out obstacles, give technique advice and tells the occasional joke or two.

Training programs

When we launched the 12 week better climbing program we saw huge improvements because people were learning skills as well as getting fitter. Climbing hills better is not just about producing more watts it’s about learning to apply the fitness you’ve got in the most efficient way possible. Combining traditional interval sessions with uphill time trials, pacing notes, pedalling drills and technique tips produced some amazing improvements.

We’ve got more programs starting soon, with shorter session options and lots of new courses to ride on.

Already have a coach? Add your own workouts

You can add your own workouts to FulGaz rides, either by syncing directly from TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan or by direct upload. FulGaz uses the popular .zwo file format, so any session you did in Zwift will work in FulGaz.

Need motivation? Ride against Bernard

You can also ride against Bernard on any ride in FulGaz. You can set his average power or get really technical and specify different power outputs depending on the terrain. Either way you then have a virtual rider to challenge yourself against, and you know exactly how hard that rider is going to be going.

Time trial pacing and distance based efforts

You can even import a pacing strategy for a course from BestBikeSplit. Once it’s imported, switch FulGaz to reactive mode and all the efforts will become distance based instead of time based. This lets you do test a pacing strategy while riding the actual course in FulGaz.

Beyond ERG mode

If you’ve done workouts in apps like TrainerRoad and Zwift, you’ll have completed ERG mode workouts where the trainer resistance is managed for you and you never have to change gear. This great for making sure you hit the right power numbers, but you’re not developing the “feel” of what it’s like to apply the correct amount of wattage.

While you can easily switch between ERG mode and SIM during rides, we recommend you use our regular SIM mode as much as possible so you learn how to pace yourself and judge your effort correctly as the terrain varies. It’s something you’ll thank us for later!