Passo Campolongo

Dolomites, Italy


Passo Campolongo starts from Arabba in the valley of Livinallongo. After the first long stretch with gradients between 7%-8% you get to the hamlet of Varda where you encounter the first hairpins of the climb. Once the direction changes, look in front of you, and on the other side of the valley you can see the whole of Passo Pordoi’s 9 km on the Arabba side. After a long right turn the road goes north and you’ll see the last 2 hairpins surrounded by volcanic limestone that look like huge dinosaur eggs from far away. As soon you leave the last hairpins behind, you arrive at the top of Passo Campolongo.

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Duration 0:28:06
Distance 10.1kms
Elevation Gain 270m
Toughness 136