FulGaz, the IRONMAN Group’s cutting-edge, indoor cycling app, announced today it is partnering with Race Across Series to better equip cyclists with a dynamic and unique way to train leading up to key “Race Across” ultra-cycling events such as the Race Across France by Van Rysel.

A selection of rides featuring segments of the Race Across courses (which to date include France, Paris, and Belgium) will be featured on the FulGaz app exclusively, so entrants can train year around, helping them to prepare for the event from the comfort of their own home.  

To provide riders with an immersive training experience, the FulGaz team will capture the key sections and climbs of the courses of the Race Across series for riders to experience the route as if on race day.  

“Having raced in France and Belgium in my younger years, I am very excited to be bring these roads, and such an iconic event, to FulGaz. This partnership represents a shared vision between Race Across and FulGaz who are keen to help riders around the world prepare for the journey ahead.” Said Mike Clucas, FulGaz Founder.  

We are delighted to offer Race Across riders a new way to support them in their challenge through the FulGaz indoor cycling app. We hope that this innovative and unique partnership in the world of ultra-distance cycling will allow even more cyclists to discover this cycling experience and to come on our adventures across Europe.” Said Arnaud Manzanini, Race Across CEO 


The Race Across Series was created by Arnaud Manzanini after his experience finishing in the renowned Race Across America race twice, with two world records. To this day, Mr. Manzanini is the fastest French cyclists to complete the Race Across America. His passion for the sport and love for the unique series in America sparked him to introduce the ultra-cycling event in his home country and, ultimately, additional countries around Europe.