David Fell

A close friend of FulGaz, David Fell has been working in the Aussie cycling scene for years as the race director and founder of Revolve24 Australia, a 24-hour cycling race that takes place at motorsport circuits. 

Hailing from Mosman, NSW, David worked closely with FulGaz to bring the Virtual Race Across America (vRAAM) to life on the app and coordinate a number of ride recordings amid the chaos at the start of the 2020 pandemic lockdowns.

Over the years, David has helped to bring a number of motorsport recordings to the app including Sydney Motorsport Park and the Bend, the spiritual home of Revolve24 Australia and ran the first ever Revolve24 Virtual with FulGaz back in 2021. 

A lover of all things that go fast, David is a die-hard fan of getting on his TT bike with a full noise effort and races with the Balmoral triathlon club in New South Wales which explains his short socks. 

More recently David has been representing FulGaz at a few Australian cycling events and capturing ride footage for a number of our event partners. Hot off the back of the cycling trip to Europe, David is excited to see some more of his rides get released onto FulGaz.

Here’s a little bit more about David and the person behind the lens. 

Tell us about this ride, Taronga Zoo

This route, Taronga Zoo, is one I often use for strength training. A low cadence, down on the drops and push up that hill….repeatedly.

What’s your favourite ride to do in the real world?

Tremolo (Old Gotthard Pass) Switzerland.

Favourite FulGaz ride and why?

Grosse Scheidegg from Meiringen. The climb is full-on and the views are spectacular.
How did you start filming rides for FulGaz?

It all started with running an endurance cycling event, Virtual Race Across America, during the COVID lockdowns. 

Favourite cycling memory?

Riding with my mates in Switzerland

Dream bike or favourite bike?

My old-school Pinarello Dogma is my favourite.

You can follow David on Strava below!