Chris DeVries 🇺🇸

Hailing from New Jersey in the USA, Chris DeVries has pulled together a fun collection of routes for the app.

You can find all of Chris’ rides by searching “DeVries” in FulGaz. 

Tell us about your most recent ride collection.

They are a couple of my favourite local rides. It’s always nice to ride around a lake and I like climbing!What’s your next big ride to do in the real world?

I haven’t done the Stelvio yet and possibly time is running out for me, but I always fancied Transfăgărășan: Romania’s Best Mountain Road Trip. Maybe someone will film it for FulGaz?

Favourite FulGaz ride & why?

Sella Ronda Clockwise – incredible scenery and the hardest indoor ride I’ve done. 

Favourite cycling memory?

Whiteface Mountain was the first (and only) real big mountain climb I’ve done in real life at this point, so it was an incredible accomplishment for me. Riding it initially on FulGaz definitely helped!

Dream bike or favourite bike?

I have an Officine Mattio Brondello steel bike on order!

You can find all of Chris’s rides in FulGaz by searching DeVries. Give Iain a follow on Strava below to stay up to date with all of his adventures!