Hi FulGaz riders!

For those of you who haven’t met me, I’m Mike Clucas, the founder of FulGaz.

A key part of my job is to make sure the development of FulGaz progresses in the most productive way possible. This hasn’t always been easy this year. As the whole world has grappled with much bigger problems than the alignment of buttons or ANT+ connectivity issues, I’ve had to make choices where we’ve added features for special events to meet tight deadlines, rather than focus on some issues facing Windows and Android users.

I’m pleased to say we’ve recently been able to more or less get back to normal, and I’m really proud (and relieved) to announce last week we released the long-awaited, updated and much-improved versions of our app for Windows and Android.

Over the last couple of months, our development team has put in nearly 1000 hours of research, testing and development to bring a more reliable, steady and enjoyable FulGaz experience to you.

As you can see from the chart below, we nailed “random crashes” about a month ago. This was mainly due to our enhanced streaming system on certain combinations of hardware.

Crashes in FulGaz

Here's an image of our crash reports, as you can see the number of crashes The number of crashes reduced by more than 10X with a recent update.

However an app that doesn’t crash isn’t enough, it needs to offer a great experience too, and the complexities of trainer connection and control can never be underestimated. That’s why we’ve completely reworked some of the core code that looks after device connection. 

After all of the above, we are really confident that Version 1.0.147 for windows and 1.47 for Android will bring you the same level of FulGaz experience that Apple users have experienced for some time. 

Here’s some highlights for all platforms

  • Support for power match – you can connect a power meter for power and trainer for resistance only.
  • Faster and more responsive trainer control in SIM and ERG mode
  • Connected devices are now remembered for next time
  • The workout power display now aligns correctly with your target power throughout workout rides
  • Layout tweaks and minor bug fixes.

ANT+ (Windows only)

  • Huge improvements to ANT+ stability and connectivity, 
  • ANT+ devices can now reconnect seamlessly mid-ride.

Just because something looks simple doesn’t mean it’s like that “under the hood”. I’ve lost track of how many test rides I’ve done lately. I’d not been doing nearly enough riding so this part of my job has been great – Even if some days most of this riding consisted of trying to break things over and over again. 

For example, to improve ANT+ reliability, Moray, our lead developer would walk down the hallway (while I was riding in the next room) until a signal dropped out. He’d then come back and see if things would reconnect. We kept repeating this seemingly endlessly process for days until we could reconnect things faster and without disturbing anything else within FulGaz.

ANT+ drops out a lot more than you’d think, particularly if the sensor is more than a few feet from the USB dongle. So making sure power, cadence, heart rate and trainer control can all reconnect independently from each other in a fraction of a second was a big step forward. (PRO Tip – Bluetooth works much better for controlling trainer resistance and it is the only way to access “extra” features like on-screen gear indicators for the Wattbike Atom and KICKR BIKE).

If you don’t use ANT+ or you don’t care about technical things and just want to ride, I think it’s great to know that the people behind the app you’re using are obsessed with making sure your ride experience is as smooth and trouble free as possible – even if it takes us longer than we’d like to get there.

If you’re new to FulGaz, you can download the app here, or if you’re currently a Windows or Android user make sure you update you app today via the store.

Happy riding, 

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