Wahoo display to life

At FulGaz, we know that the local bike shop is the first point of contact for nearly every rider and represents an important step in the customer journey.

FulGaz doesn’t exist without hardware like Wahoo, so to help further our shared goals around increased sales, we’ve become the only virtual cycling app to build some store-specific tools and features.

We believe these tools help to start a conversation, show off Wahoo’s hardware, make the sale, and curate a store’s audience and core customers for greater loyalty.

FulGaz currently offers every bike store/retailer who stocks the Wahoo indoor range a FREE FulGaz demonstrators account.

The demo account unlocks key features that will help bring your Wahoo display to life and help you show off the range.

How to apply for a FulGaz demo account

1. Create a FulGaz account

In order for you to unlock the special wahoo dealer features on FulGaz, create a free account via the app.

You can download the app using the link below.

If you already have a FulGaz account for your shop, skip to step2.



2. Apply for a free FulGaz demo account

Using the form below, apply for a free FulGaz demo account.

Once approved, FulGaz will provide your store with a free account associated to the email provided.

Approval normally takes around 2-3 business days.

3. Enable demo mode

Once approved, you can enable demo mode on ANY FulGaz ride.

We always suggest downloading the ride beforehand for the best experience possible.

You can find the demo option next to the “Ride” button on every FulGaz ride.

This feature will bring the Kickr range to life!

Apply for an account

Before completing this form, please download the FulGaz app and create a free account. Using the form below, let us know the email address used and we can get you rolling with us in 2-3 business days. Please note, only use this form if you stock Wahoo’s range.

A better display sells more trainers & bikes

We believe a static display of an indoor trainer is not enough to show how much dynamism, realism and fun resides in that cardboard box, so we built a number of additional store-specific (and expo!) features to really bring the Wahoo Kickr Bike and Kickr Climb to life.

The demo mode shows the device as it will be when the customer is riding it in terms of incline/decline movement but with no one on board.

You can open any FulGaz course and set it to work in demo mode and thereby make the demo area look alive with a real course running and the bike responding to the gradients. It’s an “oh-I-get-it” moment for any customer observing the setup in action and a great conversation starter!

Whether you place it in the trainer section or even in the front window, the FulGaz demo mode is a gathering place for the indoor skeptic and enthusiast alike!