Here’s how to ride FulGaz with other people in a group environment

There are ways to do competitive sessions in FulGaz, Challenge mode is a great example of that, but racing head to head isn’t the focus of FulGaz, other apps specialise in that sort of thing.

By tweaking a few settings, FulGaz can be an incredible way to do sessions in small groups. You can all go as hard or as easy as you want, while all experiencing the same changes in resistance at the same time. The video explains how to set things up for the best sessions. One thing not mentioned in the video that can cause a bit of trouble at the start is knowing which trainer to connect your version of FulGaz to. This can be a problem if you all have the same  model trainer, or you are trying to set this up in a fitness studio or gym.

Pairing multiple trainers in the same room

  • Unplug all the trainers and wait 30 seconds
  • Plug in the one you want to ride, and pair it to FulGaz
  • Repeat this process for each person taking part in the session

As each trainer is paired, it is no-longer visible to the other people in the room.

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