The USA Cycling Invitational is now officially open. This event is FREE for all and is all about getting active, and having some fun whilst doing it. 

To access the rides and record a time, simple ride the stages in their USA Cycling Folder (pictured above). Riders have 14 days to complete the series that runs from 24 July – 7 August, 2020. 


Live map and leaderboard

 We’re excited to unveil our new live racing feature. The interactive map and leaderboards enable you to race your friends in real time, wherever they are located around the world.

Simply start riding at the same time and use the map to track their progress, last one across the line buys the first round at the cafe.

All stages will be available in a single drop, so you can binge ride and attack them all in one day, or take a more tactical race focus and challenge your friends.

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