FulGaz Tour of Europe

Welcome to our virtual Tour of Europe with seven timed stages spread over 16 days. Compete against riders from all over the world in the nearest experience you can get to riding outside.

Event details

Individual Stages – Female

Individual Stages – Male

General Classification – Female

General Classification – Male

The FulGaz Tour of Europe is a virtual stage race with live leaderboards for each stage and an overall general classification for male and female competitors. Once the race starts, you’ll see a link to the results at the bottom of this page. Each state is a time trial from start to finish, so consider a warmup first if you’re feeling competitive.

The aim of this event is to celebrate the joy of riding outside while many of us can’t get outdoors, particularly in some of the locations in this tour. You can do each stage as many times as you like, only your fastest time will count. As the event gets ready to start, the only prizes will be random prizes from us, awarded to finishers, but with the way the world is at the moment that may change by the time the tour gets properly underway.

Event FAQs
For information on how the event works and how to get the best out of FulGaz please read the Event FAQS. Even if you’re a FulGaz regular, there are a few differences that you need to note between this race and regular FulGaz rides.

New to FulGaz?
You can download FulGaz by using to the “Download” link at the top of this page. This event is longer than our standard 14 day free trial, so please use the code below to give yourself access from now to beyond the end of the event. Your code – RideWithRide

How to enter
Each ride will appear for a set period of time in the Tour of Europe category within FulGaz. Put simply, you just need to ride each stage from start to finish to complete the tour. Further tips on how to get the best out of FulGaz can be found here. If you’re serious about posting the best times you can, this is essential reading.

How to make the Tour of Europe appear in FulGaz
Once the race has started, restart FulGaz or go to Settings > Refresh Ride List, then restart FulGaz. You will then see a blue “Tour of Europe” Icon. Select that and you’ll see the ride.

Lost your job due to COVID-19?
If you’re an existing FulGaz subscriber and you need to cancel because you’ve lost your job, get in touch. Tell us a bit about what’s happened and we’ll help you out.

Stage 1 - Muur van Geraardsbergen and Bosberg

Tackle some incredible “Bergs” in the heart of Belgian classics country. Ride open from 21st March (10:00PM GMT) to 24th March 09:59PM GMT

Stage 2 - Rocacorba

Next we’re taking on the amazing Catalonian climb used by all the pros in the region.
Ride open from 24th March (10:00PM GMT) to 26th March 09:59PM GMT

Stage 3 - Cap Formentor Lighthouse

Rolling terrain around Mallorca, one of the most incredible cycling destinations anywhere. Ride open from 26th March (10:00PM GMT) to 28th March 09:59PM GMT

Stage 4 - The Iron curtain

A hilly ride switching between the old East and West German border.
Ride open from 28th March (10:00PM GMT) to 30th March 09:59PM GMT

Stage 5 - Lake Como to Bellagio

Some easier hills, rolling around Lake Como in Italy.
Ride open from 30th March (10:00PM GMT) to 1st April 09:59PM GMT

Stage 6 - Hoornse Lake

Enjoy some classic flat Dutch terrain – without the wind for once.
Ride open from 1st April (10:00PM GMT) to 3rd April 09:59PM GMT

Stage 7 - Alpe d'Huez Finale

Need we say more? We’re finishing on the most iconic climb in cycling.
Ride open from 3rd April (10:00PM GMT) to 5th April 09:59PM GMT