This week we are visiting Falls Creek located in Victoria, Australia’s high country. This area boasts some epic riding and is renowned for its unpredictable weather, stunning scenery, and a strong culture of cycling, mountain biking and skiing. 

We’ve also introduced a new category or ride called ’sightseeing’ this week. These rides are visually stunning and focused on being ‘easy kays’ rather than putting you in the hurt box. You’ll find a curated list in the ‘Sightseeing’ folder on FulGaz.

Falls Creek Gravel Trail

Join World Champion mountain biker Paul van der Ploeg as he takes us on some of the remote gravel roads hidden out the back of ski resort mountain, Falls Creek. 

Testing climbs on the way to the summit of Mount McKay, stunning views and remote location make this ride both spectacular and challenging.

A few days prior to recording this ride, there was a mid-Autumn snowfall, making this even more beautiful. The colours alone in this ride are remarkable; crisp white snow, brown gravel and clean blue skies as far as the eye can see reach out over the mountains. 

Falls Creek climb

Join Paul van der Ploeg as he rides from his home town of Mt Beauty to the summit of Falls Creek. 

The climb from Mt. Beauty to Falls Creek is one of the longest in the Victorian Alps and also one of the most picturesque. While there are several downhill sections and plenty of opportunity to rest in the middle section of the climb, the overall length means you’ll need good endurance to get through this climb.

This road played host to a stage of the 2020 edition of the Herald-Sun Tour, Australia’s oldest stage race. 

The women’s event saw Kiwi rider Ella Harris collapse in tears of joy as she crossed the finish line in what was her first ever professional win and a dramatic conclusion to the Tour.

She was dropped multiple times on the climb before ‘diesel-ing’ her way back on one final time to take the win. 

This 30km journey doesn’t give you a lot of time to warm up, but it’s a fun interesting ride that will push your legs and limit. It was filmed in 1h30mins by a very strong and experienced rider in Paul Van der Ploeg who took the suggestion that he ‘ride it pretty hard’ seriously, so we’d suggest putting aside a decent chunk of time to  complete it.  

Make sure you watch it right until the end, you won’t be disappointed by the view!

About this week’s contributor

Born and bred in Mt Beauty, Victoria. Paul Van der Ploeg has been riding bikes his entire life. 

At 195cm and 95kg he’s an imposing figure on and off the bike.

Originally drawn to the fast and furious nature of mountain biking, he was crowned World Champion in the Eliminator category in 2013.