FulGaz lets you see and feel some great climbs indoors, but to help you get more focussed we’ve outlined this series of sessions to help you specifically improve your climbing. It’s best to separate each of these sessions with a day of easy riding (indoors or out). Stick with it and you’ll soon start to see improvements.

There’s more to climbing than just putting out more watts per kilo of body weight, you need strength and technique too. FulGaz accurately mimics the big and small variations in load that you experience going up real climbs. This can include steep pinches to get round hairpins and the micro rests that you get from time time to time up even the most steady of climbs. FulGaz is optimised so that Wahoo KICKR users feel every change in gradient, however unpleasant it might be.

Remember, you don’t need a KICKR to try this, any power meter that you can connect to FulGaz will work. This includes Stages cranks, Wattbikes, Quark, SRM etc.

The Sessions

Threshold – The one in twenty
Warm up by riding the hill at an easy to steady pace, then ride the segment as fast as you can. This hill is used as a test climb by everyone from regular weekend warriors to some of Australia’s best pros. Use it as your own test to see what sort of time you can do and note your average power.
(Ride in reactive mode so you can see the segment time and power)

Top end power – Split Rock Road
Warm up then 2 to 3 laps, depending on how much time you have. Sprint every steep hill. This should be 4 sprints per lap. Alternate seated and standing sprints.
(Turn “Laps” on in settings so you can keep going round without stopping at the end of each lap)

Strength Endurance – Gibraltar
Ride at a low cadence in the saddle all the way up. Keep gear changes to a minimum so you are pedalling very slowly on the steeper sections. This should be down into the low 50s RPM. Concentrate on perfect form. This session is all about form over raw power so it’s better to do it in Steady mode so you don’t get obsessed with your time for the climb. don’t worry too much about wattage, you’re going to be producing a lot of torque so if you’re within 10% of your One in Twenty power you’re doing really well.

Threshold – Sydney Hills
Every time the road goes up hill, try to maintain the power you averaged on the One in Twenty

Climbing surges – English Country Lanes
Smash it hard up every steep hill, try to keep at around 60 to 70% of your One in Twenty power on the flat and slight slopes. This should be a solid aerobic session with short high torque intervals spread through it. Try to spin up the climbs “Froome” style rather than push a big gear.

Gibraltar session (or substitute with Mt Diablo North)

Sydney Hills Session

Split rock Road Session

Gibraltar session (or substitute with Mt Buller)

Repeat it all again!
Start by testing yourself again on the One in Twenty again. Note time and power, then use that number for your sessions from there.