We are proud to unveil the newest version of FulGaz today. This is our biggest ever upgrade.

We believe that when riding inside only the best ride experience will do, so we’ve added new features including private group rides, real-time events, and improved coaching tools to bring your next FulGaz ride to life.

We’ve been working hard on this update behind the scenes at FulGaz HQ for the last 12-months. Today’s launch represents a huge step forward for our users,” said Founder and CEO, Mike Clucas.

He added “One of the things I love most about riding is being able to share the great outdoors with others, that was our main focus of this release. With FulGaz you can now ride with (or against) your mates and enjoy our ever-increasing library of stunning rides filmed in 4K.”

The new group ride feature means you can ride with your friends in FulGaz, this update also has a brand new in-ride look so you can experience the beauty of cycling whilst enjoying private group rides.

FulGaz 4 seeks to redefine indoor cycling for coaches, with a range of new features to help coaches and their athletes achieve their goals on the bike – choose from features including PowerMatch, live telemetry, group training sessions, and pacing strategies.

How to update to FulGaz 4




About FulGaz

Founded in 2015 by Mike Clucas in Melbourne, Australia, FulGaz aims to bring the most realistic riding experience to life via its app.

FulGaz is all about the joy of riding outside and we aim to be the closest thing to travelling to real locations around the world.

When you use FulGaz, the experience should be all about being immersed in the location in real life, with the app getting in the way as little as possible. All you need to do is get on your bike and enjoy the ride.

FulGaz is a proudly Australian owned and operated business.