This week, FulGaz contributors Bianca Le Roux and Gys Malan bring us a set of exotic rides from South Africa. 

These are truely spectacular journeys that take you on an adventure into the heart of the Western Cape.

Cederberg Mountains

The Cederberg Mountains are only two hours from Cape Town and yet the landscape is completely different: wilder, warmer with a raw, dramatic beauty. 

The beautiful towering mountains play to brilliant purple and orange sunsets. The region offers exceptional botanical diversity, being part of the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa.

Among the twisted rock formations, farmers cultivate the world-famous healthy rooibos tea, found only in the Cederberg of South Africa. 

The climbs are tough and challenging, but the surroundings will keep you intrigued.

Hermanus, the township and the hills!

Hermanus is renowned as the breeding ground for Southern Right whales on their annual winter migration.

This is a very diverse and unique ride that kicks off on a harbour wall before taking you into the heart of the region.

This ride will take you on a journey from a small town harbour through an African township, up above the mountain tops of the village and through the Valley of Heaven!

Route review from FulGaz user Steve M.

The scenery is wonderful, and there is plenty of variety.

The ride starts off with a quick up and down a breakwater on the coast, then goes through the township. Locals are obviously very pleased to see me and a number of them wave.

The road then starts climbing up the first of the two main hills – it gets fairly steep in places but the steepest pitches (20% or so) don’t last long. Then turn off downhill onto dirt tracks – I came down these quite quickly. More dirt tracks take you to the second hill, which is almost a set of steep (up to 26%) steps – none of the uphill parts last very long though. More downhill on dirt tracks follows – I went down these at > 40mph but I don’t expect you’d do that in real life.

The last section winds through dirt tracks through woods – very many twists and turns and you never quite know where the rider is taking you, but it always works out. The ride finishes with a beautiful sunset down on the coast.

The scenery, and varied terrain, make this an excellent addition to Fulgaz. Recommended and I’m sure I’ll be doing this one again.

About this week’s contributors

Two of our newest contributors, Bianca Le Roux and Gys Malan, both come to us from Hermanus, located in the Western Cape province of South Africa. about 1h30mins from the legislative capital of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Both have been doing some epic riding over the last month and are keen to show the world some of the best spots to ride (and visit) are in South Africa!

The routes they film fit into the more exotic category of rides and it’s awesome to either ride them hard, or just sit back and enjoy the journey.