At FulGaz we love bike racing, and we’re increasingly involved in helping athletes prepare for big events.

Earlier this year Cycling Australia asked for the Masters National Championships courses to be added to FulGaz. Since Australia is such a huge country, it’s incredibly difficult for athletes to ride the course.  This was a great opportunity to provide Cycling Australia Members  with a detailed insight into the courses.

We chatted with newly crowned National Champion Simone Grounds to find out how FulGaz helps with her preparation. Simone lives roughly 1,000km away, so she jumped at the chance to practice the courses as much as she could. The result? She won every event she entered! We can’t claim this was solely down to FulGaz of course. This was the result of hard work, talent and a great coach.

We asked Simone a bit more about herself and the role FulGaz plays in her training a preparation.

Tell us a little about your cycling background…when you started riding, racing?
 “I started cycling 12 years ago when I moved to Queensland and started competing in triathlons to keep fit in the hockey off-season.  There was a Queensland Cycling Come and Try women’s race series with 4 grades, so I started racing there after getting confidence on shop rides.”

How did you find out about FulGaz and how long have you been using it?
“I was researching virtual reality cycling apps earlier this year, before I got back into ergo training for winter and I knew that I wanted real video of the rides I was doing, not animated.  When I saw FulGaz had rides from all over the world, high quality video and a clean interface with an elevation profile and a great range of settings I was really impressed.

How did you use FulGaz to train for the masters events?
“I follow a program from my coach, so while my sessions were the same I would mix them up on different courses to create variety in my training.  Once the Masters loops were added, I used the time trial course to do my threshold efforts, the road course on easy days – just to get a feel for the elevation and the crit for my sprint efforts.  I also loved the Laguna Seca course for max efforts and for simulating the feel of racing with others, although I never caught the guys in front, LOL!”

How would you normally prepare for an event that’s away from home?
“I prepare the same way physically and do the same type of sessions.  I’ll research the race routes and try and simulate efforts locally.  I found that FulGaz rides actually helped me mentally, so I knew exactly what to expect on race day and wasn’t spending any mental energy on wondering where I was on the course or being surprised by any features, so I was completely in my comfort zone.”

What do you love about FulGaz?
“I love the interface – it’s very clean and easy to refer to during rides. I love the sheer range of rides from around the world – it really enables me to add variety that I couldn’t otherwise get into my training and properly prepare for races so I know what I’m up for. I love that Mike reaches out to users regularly and is constantly developing and tailoring the app to user requirements.”


What’s next?
The next Australian event people can ride in FulGaz is the 2019 FedUni Gran Fondo Championships. Interestingly, this has been ridden over 600 times already, and is currently the number one ride in FulGaz. Maybe the secret is out?

Here’s details of the course in FulGaz

If you want your National Championship course in FulGaz, particularly any time trial courses, please email [email protected]. We can’t guarantee they’ll get added, but anything is possible!