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The ultimate indoor cycling app

Bring your indoor cycling to life with cutting-edge technology and real-world terrain.



Explore the World

With 1,500+ real-world routes from 40+ countries, your training options just got a WHOLE lot bigger. And way more scenic.


Real-World Terrain

FulGaz combines cutting-edge technology with epic 4k video to give you the most realistic virtual riding experience possible.


Exclusive Routes

The only place to experience iconic Haute Route climbs, IRONMAN® bike courses, and so much more.


Whether you’re riding alone or with friends, you can give your indoor riding a fresh feel. Personalise your avatar and ride with or against friends on select avatar-enabled routes. 

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Ready to take your cycling fitness to the next level? Jump onboard one of our cycling training programs or stay sharp with our extensive workout library—all written by world-class coaches.

Get Fit


Easily import your workouts from Training Peaks or Today’s Plan, or upload a .zwo file. Use them on any FulGaz ride that inspires you to hit your sweet spot. We’ll sync your data to your platform so your coach is always in the know.

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Setting up a private group ride on any FulGaz route is a breeze. Ride, race or train together in just two clicks. And you’ll never need to check a route slip again.

Group Rides

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Download FulGaz
Compatible with Various Platforms

You can download the FulGaz app on multiple platforms. Whether you have an iOS, MAC, Windows, Android & Apple TV device – FulGaz has you covered!

We do recommend loading the indoor cycling app onto a large screen because, as the saying goes… the bigger the better! This way, you can pedal on whilst enjoying the full 4k experience.

At FulGaz, 14-day free trials are available for new subscribers – no card details required! You can easily set up your free indoor cycling app account that gives you unlimited access to over 1,500+ real-world routes.

Enjoy a free trial that allows all these to be accessible at all times with no restrictions. This is your personal training buddy so YOU determine how far and how frequently you want to ride. We’re merely here to assist you in unlocking your full potential.

Has it been a while, and you’re looking to return to the FulGaz community? No worries! We’ll sort you out.

You can simply send us a support ticket and we’ll set you up with another free trial so you can get pedalling again.

Connect Your Devices & Equipment

We’re not like other indoor cycling training apps. We’re here to help you succeed, and we want your training experience to be as seamless as possible. We try to make it easy!

Head to the FulGaz app, simply press the ‘Get Started’ icon and you will be directed to a pairing screen.

Then grab your smart bike / bike trainer / speed sensor. From here, your device will be picked up and listed. Choose your selected device and then get pedalling. It’s that easy!

If you have any problems setting up, you can always contact our indoor cycling app support team. We are always here to help.

Set Your Preferences

Every rider is different, and at FulGaz, we want to cater for every individual’s needs. To ensure your ride is tailored to you, you can head to the indoor cycling app “Preferences” section within the settings icon.

This allows you to alter your display settings, for instance, metric or imperial, as well as enter some of those more personal details.

Entering your weight as well as the bikes renders your ride and indoor training more realistic – less virtual, more reality!

If you’re returning to training after an off-season, we understand you may be a little slow up the hills. This is why the FulGaz app allows you to change the slope scaling.

We know what you’re thinking. Will this make you ride faster? The answer is no.

The slope scaling is essentially the trainer’s difficulty. Your pocket trainer is looking out for you and by scaling down the slope difficulty, those hills will just be that little bit easier whilst you train to tackle the hills at full pelt!

Pick Your Location. Explore the World.
Over 1500+ Real World Routes

At FulGaz, we have riders from across the globe that contribute their latest routes to our virtual cycling app.

Currently, we have over 1500+ rides from 40+ countries available for you at any place, any time.

The big question is, with that many rides, how can you possibly choose your next route? Well, you’re in luck!

When you sign up to FulGaz you have unlimited access to all of the rides, including fresh IRONMAN routes. This way, you can pick and choose which country you want to travel to next without time constraints.

Time To Train.

We want to assist our community or riders at all fitness and skill levels. This is why we offer a variety of difficulty levels.

Concerned it’ll be too tough? Not a problem!

We have a beginner’s collection that allows you to train and work your way up before you tackle the more challenging rides. These rides also give you a better understanding of what to expect when on your trainer or bike, particularly if you’re a first-timer.

Finally, it gives you a taste of the FulGaz 4k experience! As we say, less virtual, more reality!

Join The Virtual Cycling Apps Community

As cyclists, you could say we’re a tight-knit bunch. Whether you enjoy indoor training pedalling as a group, or you prefer to ride alone, FulGaz has you covered.

We’re all about blending virtual worlds with reality. At FulGaz, we offer private group rides to allow you to race with your friends. You can choose your route, and simply invite your friends to join, all from the comfort of your living room!

If you’re the competitive type, there is also a leaderboard on the screen if you need the extra push when on your ride.

FulGaz also has a Facebook community, ‘FulGaz Riders,’ which allows you to interact with your fellow pedallers, share and relish in your achievements as well as ask any burning questions you may have.

At FulGaz, we are across the platforms. To stay in the know on upcoming news and events, Follow us on Instagram, Like us on Facebook, subscribe to our emails and finally, join our FulGaz Riders Facebook Community!

Get Pedalling!

You’ve heard it all now, so what are you waiting for? Simply head to the FulGaz app, and pick a ride.

You can either stream or download the cycling route! Hot tip: we do recommend downloading the ride for the ultimate 4k experience.



Frequent Ride Releases
Travel from the Comfort of your Own Home

Every week fresh content is released to ensure we are keeping your indoor cycling experience interesting! Our contributors and editing team work hard to continually produce epic content to live up to our epic reputation for less virtual, more reality! With over 1500+ rides from 40+ countries, you are able to travel the world from the comfort of your home.

Accessible For All

We want to help riders of all ages, fitness levels and skills achieve their cycling goals. This is why we have a range of ride difficulties, as well as preference settings available so you can modify your indoor cycling app as you go!

Are you a first-timer? We welcome you with open arms! We have a Beginners Collection available for you as well as a free trial which will assist you in your journey to cycling glory! This will assist in giving you a taste of smart trainers / bike as well as the FulGaz 4k experience.

Your Virtual Cycling App Pocket Coach

Having been working with top Olympic, Paralympic, and WorldTour coaches and athletes, FulGaz virtual cycling apps upgraded to aid coaches and athletes in unlocking their full potential.

Our indoor cycling training app’s epic features:

  • PowerMatch
  • Live Telemetry
  • Group Training Sessions
  • Pacing Strategies
  • FulGaz Training Programs

Head to our Coaching in FulGaz page to find out more.

Ride In A Team
The More the Merrier

The best indoor cycling apps are not stuck in virtual worlds but have a community, At FulGaz, we love the community we have developed. A space where riders can come together, share triumphs, share troubles – we’re here for it all!

We understand not everyone likes to ride alone. This is why we provide the opportunity for Group Rides.

This feature allows you to choose your preferred route, invite your friends and pedal on! Rally your A-Team, and compete for bragging rights amongst your fellow riders. It’s just you versus your friends, because who doesn’t love a little competition?

To make it just that bit more interesting, there is a bonus of a leaderboard on the screen. This showcases player statistics, and position tracking and adds just that extra element to elevate your ride experience.

Full 4K Experience

FulGaz runs and participates in a range of events year-round. For instance, we have events like the Haute Route and our annual FulGaz French Tour, which consists of fresh routes, including rides from the Tour de France and climbs from Mont Ventoux, Luz Ardiden and Alpe D’Huez! In addition, FulGaz works to provide content from events and cycle challenges such as the annual Winter Warrny and the Hamburg Cyclassics.

These events assist you in remaining accountable, whilst offering fresh routes that the pros ride. The 4k virtual cycling simulator video experience allows you to train in conditions as close to reality as possible, so you’re riding like the pros!


You heard correctly.

We have epic IRONMAN bike routes that are accessible at any place, any time. These iconic routes are a challenge, to say the least. Whether you’re looking to push yourself on your next ride, or you’re preparing with indoor training for your next big race day, these IRONMAN cycling routes have you covered.

Simply head to the IRONMAN section within the FulGaz virtual cycling app to unlock your inner IRONMAN potential!

Our Contributors

We have cyclists from across the globe that contribute rides to keep your indoor cycling interesting! Some of our most recent contributors include Arno Smit from the Netherlands and Joseph McCargar from the USA. We are incredibly grateful for our contributors as they deliver fresh content for our training app’s ride releases.

We also have a team of developers that work tirelessly to deliver top-quality video rides and virtual routes to ensure you’re receiving the true 4k FulGaz training app experience. For about 8 – 10hrs of work goes into every hour ride, you see! Head to our Latest Rides page to check out our latest releases.

YOU Can Contribute!

Our aim is to bring every region to life in our virtual cycling app. For it might be your local loop, but for another rider, it’s a destination exploration!

We’re always on the hunt for fresh content and to provide new epic routes to deliver to our FulGaz community. Some of our best rides have come from our FulGaz subscribers.

If becoming a contributor sounds like something you’d be interested in, contact our team – we’d love to hear from you!

Still Not Sold? We Have Free Trials Available!
Free Trial with No Credit Card Details!

If we haven’t converted you already… FulGaz offers a 14-day trial period. You can simply create a free FulGaz account, and our free trial will give you access to all of the epic rides we have available. A free trial with no credit card details required!

So get a pedal on, we’re keen to welcome you to the FulGaz virtual cycling app community!