Two of the more unique rides in the FulGaz library are Hagere Selam to Mekele & Adigrat to Kisadaleka. Set against the stunning backdrop of Ethiopia, Mitchelton SCOTT rider, Tsgabu Grmay takes you on a journey like no other. 

The ride from Hagere Selam starts with a small kick and then you’ll enjoy a 16Km/10 miles descent all the way to Mekele. Good for warming up or just to enjoy the scenery. You’ll all spend time swapping turns off the front, with a little bit of banter to go along with it. 

In this ride you’re cruising not only with the 2019 Ethiopia ITT national champion, Grmay, you’re also riding with the ‘future of Ethiopia cycling’. These young riders on their mid-90s mountain bikes and Lampre cycling kit are part of the youth set-up which Grmay is nurturing through his business venture EthioCycling Holidays. 

There’s just something magical about this journey as you weave past pedestrians, dodge rocks on the road and admire the arid country side. 

A total runtime of 1hours11mins you’ll cover 40.71kms on this ride whilst gaining around 350m.

The second ride from Ethiopia is the climb from Adigrat to Kisadaleka. Starting in the centre the ride allows you to experience the hustle and bustle of daily life whilst dodging the odd tuk-tuk before the freedom of the quiet open roads. 

This climb starts on cobbles in Adigrat at 2,500m/8,200 feet and gradually climbs to over 3,000m/9,800 feet – so you’ll be pleased to be doing it in the comfort of your own home!

This ride has a total runtime of 44 minutes and the trip is 12.5kms taking you up 562m

Ethiopia is an absolute cycling paradise – great tarmac, no cars and only the odd donkey, goat or sheep to dodge. We suggest adding it to your cycling wish list.

About Tsgabu Grmay & his charity, Ethio Cycling Holidays

Training hard on the hills of his home region, he hopes to return to Europe later in the year when the international racing season resumes.

Through Ethio Cycling Holidays, Grmay and Richard Nerurkar (British Olympic Marathon Runner & Great Ethiopian Run Organiser) are developing the emerging cycling talent within this country of enormous potential. Profits from the touring holidays are put into supporting six teenagers plus individual sponsors provide a regular donation to allow the riders to have money for food and support their families and attend 3x weekly English lessons. Click here to find out more.