Published: 1 April, 2021

FulGaz is excited to announce a move to fully computer-generated courses. Given the popularity of animated indoor cycling apps, many in the industry have seen this as an inevitable move. During 2021 we anticipate that all our current real-life videos will be replaced with retro-styled animated alternatives starting April 1.

Super Mario Kart Rainbow Road course is the first route to be released and subscribers will be able to access and ride the full library of Super Mario Kart 8 routes in the coming weeks. 

“This represents a HUGE step forward for FulGaz and this partnership is a bold direction for the business.” said founder of FulGaz, Mike Clucas.

He added, “We thought we’d announce this with the most iconic route in virtual Karting, Rainbow Road. Expect to see the best-known routes from the series before we release rides from Crash Bandicoot Team Racing, Sonic Racing, plus classic arcade maps from favourites such as Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem.”

Riders can now use different in-game power-ups to boost how they look on the Strava leaderboards. Fire a mushroom for speed or a blue shell to take out anyone in front, bringing a new exciting element to group rides.

Some of the soon to be released features include:

  • Ability to race as any character including Bowser, Princess Peach, and even Waluigi!
  • Ability to pair your Wii or GameCube controller with FulGaz 
  • All Mushroom Cup courses – available April 2021 
  • A full arsenal of power-ups including stars, banana peels, and the coveted Bullet Bill – available June

For the best experience, use the traditional heads-up display (HUD) rather than the Bike Computer. You can find this in Settings > Display settings. Rainbow Road ride is set to 10 laps/10 Kms by default.

Rainbow Road Loop

Rainbow Road is the final course of the Special Cup featured in all Mario Kart games. This is one the most difficult courses in gaming, and it’s a challenge to ride this route. Be careful, there are a few hairpins and sections which could throw you off your trainer. 



A recent FulGaz contributor Yoshi debuted in Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as Mario and Luigi’s sidekick. He is now one of the most popular characters!

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