So, you’ve just pulled your indoor trainer out of the box, you excitedly set it up, get FulGaz going and are having a blast.

But, like everything in life you can make a few tweaks and upgrades to your pain cave to take it from great to AWESOME.

Invest in the experience with a nice screen

If you’re putting in the hours inside, it’s important you do it right, with something nice to look at. If you’re riding a gran fondo you’d invest in a comfortable saddle, so it’s important you invest in a comfortable screen also.

We are slowly phasing out our 720p rides in favour of more amazing 4K routes and courses from all over the world, so we are a little bit biased, but we’d suggest getting a screen that supports 4K resolution.

This way regardless of whether you’re running the app via an appleTV or a Windows setup, you can have the best visual experience possible. 

Being able to wall-mount it at eye height would be most beneficial, or you could quick and simply place it on an ironing board, standing desk, or barstool in front of you – as long as you can give yourself a clear view of the screen!

We love this set up from DC Rainmaker if you have the space (and budget).

Keep cool, get a fan

Sweating is a fact of life when you’re training inside and FulGaz is no exception. It’s designed to make you stronger, fitter and faster and you can’t do this without making a bit of sweat!

A fan will help keep you cooler and more comfortable when working out and will also ‘dry’ you a bit, making you less sweaty can help mimic the wind/movement you might feel outside if you’re really looking for that next level indoor session. 

There’s a bunch of options to choose form, however the one from our friends at Wahoo have a sleek looking bluetooth option that pairs with your Kickr. Check out DC Rainmaker’s review if you’re in the market otherwise your classic pedestal fan is also a great option. 

When looking for a fan, make sure you find one that blows.


Look sharp with a custom floor mat

One of the often overlooked indoor training accessories is a floor mat. Velomats have some nice options that will keep your workout area looking nice and tidy, whist protecting your floor and providing a non-slip surface to train on. For the added level up you can always get your name and flag printed on it!

Music & podcasts

While many people love the ambient sounds of riding that come through on a FulGaz ride, sometimes you just want to play it loud and proud whilst getting a sweat on. 

There’s a bunch of great cycling podcasts out there, but we LOVE listening to Life in the Peloton with Mitch Docker, and Chris Froome’s Playlist ‘Background Beatz’ is a great one to train to. 

A nice set of exercise headphones like the Nuraloop can keep you free of cords and is made for audiophiles.