Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Paul Blackwood (53) is a keen cyclist and family man who has a true passion for riding outdoors and filming his adventures. 

A proud Bianchi owner, Paul is a strong amateur rider who cycles about 5,000 km per year, both indoor and outdoor, with about 80,000 m climbing. 

Paul started riding in 2015 after rediscovering his fitness and is a part time computer hacker that loves to work out tech problems!

As a parochial Sydney-sider, his favourite ride is the Akuna Bay and West Head in the region. Both rides are available on FulGaz. 

What’s your favourite ride in FulGaz?

Cape Formentor. It’s one of the first rides I did and it was part of the climbing program but any ride in 4K of about 60-90 mins with a good mix of climbing and endurance with great scenery. 

I would love to travel more and seek out some of the Fulgaz locations [in real life] as I love to ride in my garage.

How did you get started with FulGaz?

I was planning a trip to Canada to ride the 10th Anniversary RBC Granfondo in Sept 2019.

This involved training through the Sydney Winter. I needed to find a way to keep fit and improve so that my trip wouldn’t be a disaster. I decided to invest in a wahoo kickr and jumped into virtual rides. 

After the initial trial of Fulgaz I was so impressed I became a subscriber. I haven’t tried another platform. I was lucky enough to be able to join the climbing program which gave me the confidence to attack the Granfondo.

Filming the ride was a natural extension of my adventure. The event is on such an iconic route with closed roads,  I wanted to be able to relive the ride, share it with others and add to the ride library. 

After the first ride, I wanted to share the local rides I do with the FulGaz world and help out a fantastic Aussie product.

What’s your favourite cycling memory?

Top of my list is riding my first 60 km trip with two guys I hadn’t met before. I had to be nursed home after cramping up at the 55 km mark. That was five years and 25,000 kms ago and these guys are still riding with me. I’m more capable now but we still enjoy riding with each other.

Another great memory is riding the Whistler Gran fondo after completing the Fulgaz climbing program. The climbing program taught me so much about my body, my riding style and how to endure the 120 kms and 2,000m event. 

Finally, buying a Wahoo kickr and riding on Fulgaz opened a world of opportunity. I’m now spoilt for choice and the only excuse for not riding is my lack of imagination!