We’ve just added some fantastic rides from some well respected and renowned areas of Europe. Our Bavarian contributor, Klaus brings us the best of the best rides from Germany in this series. 

This series is a visual feast, and are ones to add to the list. But be warned, the ride names can be pretty tricky to pronounce!

Kreuzberg via Guckas Pass

The Kreuzberg is one of the Rhön Mountains in southern Germany. It is the highest point of the Bavarian part of the Rhön, in the province of Lower Franconia. The Kreuzberg is also referred to as the “Sacred mountain of the Franconians”. The beer is brewed according to a recipe which dates from 1731. There are two distinct accents in this ride – the Guckas Pass and the final climb to the Kreuzberg.

Kreuzberg Loop

A nice loop in the sunshine around the “Sacred mountain of the Franconians” – the highest elevation of the Bavarian part of the Rhön, in the province of Lower Franconia. Enjoy the views on the descent from the monastery on the way down, as you’ll be stomping on the pedals to get back up it later in the ride. It is a highly contested climb among the local cyclists, starting at Bischofsheim an der Rhön.

Main-Spessart Hills 2

This scenic ride starts where Main-Spessart Hills ends, at the landmark “Wegkreuz”. Filmed on a bright sunny day, the ride follows small roads along tiny creeks and quaint villages. Prepare for a 20-minute climb followed by a speedy descent, before the ride ends right at the historic “Wasserburg” in the village Burgsinn.