For many who live outside Melbourne’s cycling bubble, the community’s fasciation with Beach Road might seem odd. 

It’s extremely flat, has a lot of traffic lights (30+), and offers some inspiring views of the bay as your trundle along, but we LOVE it and it’s one of THE most popular routes that people ride on FulGaz. 

The new 2021 version features full 4K quality footage, NO traffic light stops, and improved data for a more realistic ride! 

This version takes you from Mordialloc to St Kilda, then back down to Mordi again with ZERO red lights. This truly is the stuff of road cycling fantasy – unless you’re in FulGaz.


Beach Road 2021

A new version in stunning 4K, filmed on a bright blue Melbourne day. Make sure you stop in for a coffee at Blackrock on the way home.


Download FulGaz

Now available on a wide choice of platforms including Android, Apple TV, iPad,  MacOS, iPhone and Windows 10. FulGaz offers you the ultimate ride!